ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Entrepreneur Against the World | Gerard Adams | TEDxNJIT

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Entrepreneur Against the World | Gerard Adams | TEDxNJIT

Here’s Great Tip: Entrepreneur Against the World | Gerard Adams | TEDxNJIT

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Gerard Adams shows in 18 minutes his fourteen years as an entrepreneur, his inspiration from Tony Robbins and how to embrace failure. Known as the Millennial Mentor Gerard Adams founded Elite Daily, the “Voice of Gen Y” which sold to the Daily Mail for $50 million in 2015. Adams went on to build Fownders, the social-impact startup accelerator making waves in Newark, New Jersey.

Gerard. Also known as The Millennial Mentor™. is a thought leader, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist. His purpose is simple: to inspire other Millennials to leverage their passions to create the successful lifestyles they dream of. He became a self-made multi-millionaire at 24, but not without overcoming obstacles, fear, and self-doubt. He left college early, after a semester to be exact, to pave his own path. In recent years he invested in, built, and backed 9 companies and trades that have all made seven figures. He has lived bi-coastal, owned exotic cars, traveled the world first class, and made friends with countless influencers. Today he is a co-founder of Fownders a non-profit community of entrepreneur located on the ground floor of a brand new 4 story live-work space, in the heart of Newark’s booming University Heights neighborhood.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

25 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Entrepreneur Against the World | Gerard Adams | TEDxNJIT”

  1. I was Yesterday at Fownders and yes That area is Pretty fire, but i agree 100% your enviroment does not dictate your outcome, and you are live proof of that, i wanted so bad to be at today Fire pit meet up at 6-8 pm, but cannot make it on time, i will be there there next Meet up, Thank you Gerard you inspired us to be better, to be great, love all you do, Keep it up!!! We are winners!, We are courageous!!.

  2. I have finished watching this video completely.

    I am a Taiwanese who cares about the global affairs.

    And, sadly, most of my fellow Taiwanese don't really care about the world.

    Hopefully Taiwan can become increasingly globally-aware and globally-competitive.

    God bless Taiwan.

  3. Top story Gerard, to say that it inspires me is an understatement, I'm 100% confident that I'll be where I want to be in life and stories like yours just make me want to go out and get it even more, thanks again!

  4. I want to someday look in the mirror and say to myself that I am proud of what I have become and what I have accomplished. That you so much for making this content that has given me the courage to leave the realm of fear behind forever.

  5. I wanted to be a doctor so bad but it's in my blood all my family members have there own business and make a lot of money and I feel God is trying to lead me to this I feel I would succeed in this I will take risk I love success I want it as bad as I want to breath I don't party never did drugs cared less about the women my greatest goal in life is to be successful until they throw dirt own my ass.

  6. Hey Gerard, I can't begin to describe how inspiring this speech was and how emotional it had made me. I can only hope to be as authentic as you are one day. See you soon bro 🙂

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