TEST: The “Shell Shock Habit” – RockStar Entrepreneur

TEST: The “Shell Shock Habit” – RockStar Entrepreneur


More times than not, you may find that the thing holding you back has nothing to do with external forces.

Ever set a huge goal that required unimaginable sacrifice? Did that sacrifice scar you? Ask yourself: Are you still struggling? Or is it just “shell shock?”

It might just be a failure to realize you have already have reached arrived at the level you set for yourself. You just got so used to living the reality (or the unreality… since it’s all perception) of “struggle” to stop and realize you’ve created a habit. A nasty stressful habit…

True story.



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Ben is the co-founder of The 2RockStars and a board member of JVZoo. He is a lifelong entrepreneur who dedicates his life’s work to helping turn ordinary entrepreneurs into “time independent” Rockstar Entrepreneurs! Above all, Ben is a family man. More important than having achieved building multiple million dollar income streams, His family is his greatest accomplishment.

Ben is more than a thrill seeker, he is a true business man, he just makes it look easy. Although he will tell you he works his ass off, he loves every minute of it and follows his passion. He is genuine, and a blast to be around. In his words: “Keep Rockin!”

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