ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: C-students Make Great Entrepreneurs | Roy LaManna | TEDxAsburyPark

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: C-students Make Great Entrepreneurs | Roy LaManna | TEDxAsburyPark

Here’s Great Tip: C-students Make Great Entrepreneurs | Roy LaManna | TEDxAsburyPark

Here is Something You Should See…

Why you should be known as a disrupter.

Being a bad student can make you a great entrepreneur.

The five qualities bad students share that can make them great entrepreneurs and how you can incorporate these attributes into your life

Roy is the CEO and co-founder of Vydia, a centralized video distribution and monetization startup in New Jersey. Profiled by Forbes, The Huffington Post and International Business Times, Roy has become synonymous with the launch of visionary and inventive companies, propelling him as the go-to guy in the music video space.

As a C-student turned successful entrepreneur Roy only identified as being a bad student and a future failure when he didn’t go down the one path he was presented, i.e., to do well in school, follow the rules, and get a good job. He dropped out of college to start his own company, figuring that the qualities that made for a lousy student – chiefly the inability to follow the rules – were desirable for technology entrepreneurs.

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20 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: C-students Make Great Entrepreneurs | Roy LaManna | TEDxAsburyPark”

  1. My dad and his friend ( later became his brother in law) my dad was a straight A student, his friend was straight C student, even failed one year. 10 years later my dad working a job (it pays well). But his friend earns 5 times more than my dad.

  2. Correction: it depends on how much you dedicate your life to school/homework/revision. You may be naturally gifted getting A's without trying. It's the people who focus on what they love or who focus on making money by themselves doing their own thing. I know that's what he said in the video but this is just to correct the title. (Coming from a B student)

  3. This is an excellent TED Talk… The Only purpose of Public school is to Control young minds. Tests, Grades, Strict rules…
    Real Learning can Not grow and flourish in that environment !

  4. Facts: getting straight As doesn't make you billions, but running a corporation does. Nowhere during school does it teach you how to even BEGIN(for example) an LLC or a sole proprietorship; educate YOURSELF…..EARLY on every aspect of life..don't expect school to teach you ANYTHING about real life except how to roll over and depend on a corporation for money(who ironically may have been a C student)

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