Business Tips: Would You Work at a Burger King to Follow Your Passion? | DailyVee 471

Business Tips: Would You Work at a Burger King to Follow Your Passion? | DailyVee 471

Awesome Tip: Would You Work at a Burger King to Follow Your Passion? | DailyVee 471

If you’re going all in on your passion, you can’t expect to keep the same standard of living if you don’t have money coming in once you leave your job.. You have to take a step backwards if you’re wanting to go all in. Most people honestly just don’t have the humility to work at a Burger King or a McDonalds while they go all in because they’re scared about the judgement from others.

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20 Replies to “Business Tips: Would You Work at a Burger King to Follow Your Passion? | DailyVee 471”

  1. Know this is an old video but it popped up on my suggestions. So glad it did. Was wondering if quitting my job and doing an internship at a radio station at age of 45 was wise. Finally got my foot n the door and gosh darn I'm about to live my dream life!!

  2. This is the stuff that annoys me , few choose to work at BK – the whole system is rigged for the wealthy and the people in poverty lack access to actionable skills training. This is a problem all these people promoting its all mindset and everything putting the blame on the workers is completely uninformed about how poverty happens. It can be generational – it can be situational , there are many mitigating factors including criminally low wages. If everyone who was new to the job market started a living wage – garyvee and roberto blake and many more would be absolutely correct. The average retail/foodservice job is a poverty trap especially in more rural regions where opportunity is difficult at best and nepotism reigns supreme. I've witnessed business owners whom screw over the employee or call in favors from someone from their highschool years (the people born during the height of possiblity due to good wages/healthcare and cheap education). If you could work at a diner , or at a county fair for the summer and pay for college they'd be correct, This is not the system today , today you would have to work an insane amount of hours and not be human to just break even for a crappy existence. Its not to say hardwork shouldnt be hard but please do research before going with this clown.

  3. GV is the Eminem of the business world. He's a goat. He's a legend. He's a grinder. I respect him immensely. He's top-tier. He's a cool dude too. He be spitting knowledge. He doesn't care about what people think. He's himself. He's not afraid to keep it a stack.

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