This is easily one of the more interesting meetings that I’ve had in a while and it was with the amazing Big K.R.I.T. I think there are some really interesting pointers in here if you pay close attention.

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40 Replies to “Business Tips: WHAT HIP HOP IS ALL ABOUT | MEETING WITH BIG K.R.I.T. | DAILYVEE 348”

  1. Gary Vee The concept you talk about around 26:00 is not something seen in Hip-Hop as much. I think of R.Kelly's Trap in the Closet series or even better Confessions I and II by Usher. Even better, would be a true conceptual album that tells an entire story. That will have the good bad and sometimes the end results.

  2. Hey @Garyvee, love watching your videos, they helped inspire me to do my vlogs and videos on Hip Hop dance going on in the UK ( check out a video and give me some advice please). In regards to your comment about having songs that link back, you should check out Ab-Soul (TDE). His music always connects, not only to his journey but to his experiences, you should start from Long Term Mentality.

    Bless up and keep motivating the world

  3. This is something Big Krit can add to his repertoire. Also something he can think of to help create new things. Although the idea has been done hundreds of times.

  4. Kendrick's "The Heart" series is probably the best example of the format Gary thinks hasn't been done. Kendrick has dropped a new part of that series during pivotal moments in his career.

  5. So I got curious, are the people in Gary's videos the clients or the guests?
    At some point I felt like I'm watching a radio show. Great format! But it can't be the client meeting, right?
    It's content, no?

  6. Hi Gary,

    I doubt I could care any less about hip-hop, it's just not my thing. That said after listening to and witnessing a friend and his friends do what I imagine is the true origin and nature of rap, I appreciated and enjoyed it. It was just six people in Osaka Castle park early in the evening. I'm still not really a fan, but for the first time, the door was cracked open seeing and appreciating it.

    As for the talk, I loved it for the same reason I love you / your content, right from the beginning you were and are REAL. In a world where "everyone is so untrue" ( these lyrics might predate you;-) people trust you. Given that your team reached out to me and asked me to add myself to your phonebook, I feel your authenticity more than ever.

    I have paid dearly for my own obsession with being authentic and honest in jobs, social situations and relationships, at the same time watching you has reminded me why I believe in it so much and have since early childhood. Of the few friends I have, I have the privilege of most of them being social geniuses, extremely popular as a result and top quality people. Most others seem to have serious problems dealing with authentic honesty because it threatens their delicate egos and insecurities.

    The first show of yours I ever watched, on Chase Jarvis I think, inspired me to immediately buy Ask Gary Vee and gave me "permission" to be exactly who I am on my own ( upcoming )YouTube and Facebook videos. My soul literally breathed a sigh of relief when I heard you swear and realized FINALLY, we're at a time and place ( mediawise and culturally ) in history where my authenticity will serve me well. Some people will despise me ( that's nothing new ), but others will love and believe what I say, who do you think I care not at all about?

    I LOVED this episode because you showed what's obvious to me, but seemingly few others, if you're NOT full of shit and truly authentic you don't have to worry about those who think it's fake and more aware people will recognize it's real.

    If the follow-up sond isn't fake, it'll be easy to do ( nothing needs to be fabricated ), it maintains artistic integrity, won't suck and those with a clue will recognize its truth, everyone else…fuck them, they don't matter anyway.


  7. Wow! I don't have the vocabulary like Gary does but if I did the way he explains how krits music makes hIm feel would be the exactly way I would say 2 Krit to explain how I feel about his music

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