TEST: 10 Resources for Creating Videos That Rock

TEST: 10 Resources for Creating Videos That Rock


After spending thousands of dollars on using all kinds of video gear over the years, I just wanted to share my shortlist of preferred tools and resources for creating videos.

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Note: all links below are tools and resources I actually use.

1. Simple/quick and dirty videos

I freakin’ Love adobe spark!

If you haven’t used it, it’s excellent. And free! This is a Great alternative to explainer videos and it is web based or available on iOS as app.

Here’s a video I just made in 3-minutes…

What I love about it is the speed at which I can create. For us ADHD riddled entrepreneurs, getting videos done at the speed of “look, a squirrel” is key!

2. Editing.

Screen flow is what I love to use.

I’m on mac. And have the expensive editors, but I prefer screenflow. It makes editing super easy. If you’re not on a mac, just get a mac.


3. Screencast.

When it comes to creating those “over shoulder” videos where you show and tell from your screen, screen casting is a must! Again, I’m a mac user and prefer Screen flow. Another tool I’ve used (that’s web based) is screencastomatic

4. Front facing video: camera

For simplicity (and zero excuses) the smart phone is the way to go!

I just use my iPhone. I already have it, it just makes life easier.

But… a microphone is a good idea. See below…

5. Audio and Sound Quality

The worst thing you can do is have an amazing video. You put together something magical. Epic.


The audio quality sounds like you were speaking in a wind tunnel through a drive-thru restaurant intercom.

In my opinion, audio is the most important thing if you’re doing a video in which you’re speaking or narrating.


Your onboard mic just ain’t that great.

Good news…

This is easy to fix!

For your iPhone/smart phone…

The Eaton lapel mic for smart phones is great and available on Amazon for pretty cheap.

For screencast/computer audio: blue yeti with swing arm and pop filter is my choice.

For travel/portability :

6. Music tracks

Want to give your videos a cool background track? But you keep getting your video rejected by YouTube because Sir Mixalot doesn’t approve of you using his greatest hit: “I like Big Butts?”

I cannot lie… You need to get some royalty free tracks. And you can get them free (and they don’t suck). You just need to know where to look!

Check out teknoaxe. It’s what I use and it is Free. And there are Plenty of options!

Looking for a resource to rank your videos on top of google in 2-minutes?

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7. Intro/outros

You know those “fancy pants” logo animations or exploding graphics? They are great for branding and adding a little pop to your videos.

I just Get them on fiverr

Sure. It ain’t free. But 5 bucks is pretty close to nothin!

8. Lighting

This is the second most “easy to fix” issues where most people blow it! The first is sound.

Bad lighting will ruin your masterpiece! Here are the things I use..:

Free: natural light outside is the way to go. Just don’t point the camera in the direction of the sun!

Not free: You want to go for  3 point lighting. This is where you have 2 lights on the sides, pointing at one another. And a third light on the subject. This eliminates weird shadows.

My setup includes 2 soft box lights (can be found on amazon for under $100 for a pair) that go on peripheral of frame. And 1 diva ring light (about $100 on Amazon) in the center.

9. Mounting gear.

Sure. You can hold the camera yourself but your arm might get tired and the video will get all shaky. Get something to fix that!

I like to use a simple Tripod with phone mount clip (combined under $30)

Another great option is to have Car window mount (about $12). Just don’t be a jerk about driving and doing videos. In other words…. keep your eyes on the road!

10. Acoustic Treatments

My office/studio is a loft with concrete floors. That doesn’t make for ideal acoustics. Echoes aren’t cool!

So, if you do lots of recording and have too many hard surfaces, you need to consider fixing it.

I use acoustic foam tiles on my wall and they work great!
There you have it. These are the 10 things I use. Now you know how to create awesome videos with a small budget.


Looking for a resource to rank your videos on top of google in 2-minutes? 

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I Hope this is useful to you.

Please share your favorite resources in the comments…


Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Wanna Share Some Comment Love or Aha-Moments?
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