Business Tips: My True Thoughts on Happiness | DailyVee 429

Business Tips: My True Thoughts on Happiness | DailyVee 429

Awesome Tip: My True Thoughts on Happiness | DailyVee 429

Becoming happy is, in my opinion, a factor of whether or not you are valuing someone else’s opinion more than your own…

Super happy that I got to spend some time at the new VaynerMedia office in London over the past few days. Even though I didn’t get the chance to share a ton of the content with you guys, I think you’ll enjoy this episode 😉

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30 Replies to “Business Tips: My True Thoughts on Happiness | DailyVee 429”

  1. It's pretty amazing that you feel and know that important people in your life like your Mom, Wife, and Daughter can't bring you down G., but is it safe to assume that they would never try because they wouldn't be able to do it anyway, or safe to assume they love, support, and care about you would never try to drag you down for that reason. Or is it both??

  2. This video is fantastic, and I was really excited to sit down and watch your new video which I repeat was great but there was about two woman at most in all the business day to day things you did. I would love to be able to change this, I work in tech and want to make tech and business an equal playing field, perhaps you should hire me to help with this:)

  3. shitttt garyvee YouTube preroal even though it showed on 5th minute also this is first time i see subscribe and those small windows to go to the video YouTube steped up its game

  4. Hey there Fam!

    Apologies no time for jabs… I have to throw a right hook straight up and everywhere. I AM Enlightened yo! I Discovered and Verified the Truth all the Mystics and Sages have been promising over the aeons.

    So consider watching MY VERY FIRST VLOG EVER of this holographic journey and see for yourself, as I do a daily vlog whether or not I am talking shit! Haha, and if I have found the Ultimate Truth then you'll be getting more than a jab, I would imagine, wouldn't you?

    I document just about anything and everything I can use to spread love, truth and most of all entertainment to the world

    Peace ! I Love You All! Gary I'll see you soon bro. Mitchell James <<<<< Subscribe here

  5. Gary isn't incorrect, it's just deeper. The next level is this. The real demon is the story you created about yourself. About who you are and how you are to operate in the world. Be it your mom, dad, sister, brother, etc., if you really want happiness, you gotta rewrite your story. Take it from me, I used to think happiness didn't exist, but after dealing with my shit, I have no doubt the reason it was missing was because of the story I wrote for myself, ✌️

  6. Taking Gary's advice, I'm making videos now. One of my first was actually an interview with his documenter, Tyler Babin. Would love any feedback at all, I have like 8 views now. What do you guys think??

  7. Hey guys i just started my own mobile app development company tailored to small businesses! Id love to link up with some of you biz owners and create a free demo app for you to check out. hit me up on IG @1Price .. Thanks guys!

  8. Hey Gary!
    I was curious, how many of your followers do you think are at the top of their field / already "made it" in the eyes of their peers-but still find value in consuming your content on a daily basis-even though they'd still be very successful without it?
    I always remember a clip of yours where your describing someone commenting on your page-"oh i needed this today" and then you look back and they are still in the same place 2 years later. (we all know several people like this) I'm a 25 year old, in sales, having some solid success but am ambitious as ever for more, not just for myself, but for the company. I'm trying to be a leader on our sales team and would love your feedback!

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