ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Why Most Entrepreneurs Are Slowly Killing Themselves | Phil Drolet | TEDxMileHigh

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Why Most Entrepreneurs Are Slowly Killing Themselves | Phil Drolet | TEDxMileHigh

Here’s Great Tip: Why Most Entrepreneurs Are Slowly Killing Themselves | Phil Drolet | TEDxMileHigh

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Can we actually accomplish more by working less? Does the success of our modern icons hide a self-destructive culture? In this persuasive talk, Phil Drolet contrasts the lifestyle of our most famous and celebrated entrepreneurs with one that draws on the training and life patterns of rock stars, athletes and artists to drive excellence and achievement.

Phil Drolet believes that the “work ‘til you drop” mentality that exists in the entrepreneurial world is both destructive and counter-productive. It leads entrepreneurs to sacrifice their health and relationships for a lifestyle of exhaustion and overwhelm, which dramatically affects their business results. After a personal breakdown, Phil Drolet realized that there is a better way to achieve entrepreneurial success. That’s why he began leading a counterculture of entrepreneurs who want to achieve greater results by working smarter, not harder. To become part of the movement, visit his website at

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23 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Why Most Entrepreneurs Are Slowly Killing Themselves | Phil Drolet | TEDxMileHigh”

  1. Man, a lot of what you said just isn't a good advise. Specifically coming from someone who hasn't really done a research on the matter… You can't compare a technology company with some networking company that you're running about making people feel good. Just to give you a clue, In technology you create a product(Design and Development) and that's where most of the time goes. You need to understand that that is where most of our time goes as a Startup. If you don't do that and you have limited resource, you might not even launch because everyday is so difficult that if you do it slow, without a pay check to begin with, you will quit soonest because everyday is difficult… Here you are building something you're not even sure if it's gonna work or not… So you have to do it fast and fail fast to begin again. I've heard people give talks like yours and they just aren't enough unless your company is already operating, and I am specifically referring to Technology companies specifically.

    So I think sometimes before we make TEDx Talks we need to really think through the topic, and ask is this really the case? will this really work with all companies disregarding their industry/market? That's all I've got to say.

  2. Phil Drolet is right. We think that more work will conquer anything. Well, it won't. If you're thinking about the long haul, then you need to have periods of rest and reflection each day. Put the correct systems in place, delegate, and keep your eye on the competition or designate someone to do it and make sure they report to you on a regular basis.

  3. Brian if money was not confined to a banking system that is broke more people would have a go look up the word infinite and there is infinite sums of money if that was common knowledge people would what their want! THINK of this can an INFINITE be pay off by a FINITE! No but it's what the system is doing to all of us it's wrong! So make money infinite that a common folk leave and we win and the boom is ours!
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    Bye you can ask questions
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  4. Yeah, no, dont compare yourself to musk when nobody knows your name. There's a difference between entrepreneurs and visionaries. Visionaries are not limited by themselves, they are limited by the world around them, which is why every idea that comes out has been a long time coming, because they have known exactly what to do for years, just didn't have capital or machinery to produce it, or were too busy with another project till then

  5. I don’t think Elon works at all…

    He’s obsessed with what he does and it becomes base instinct for him.

    For Elon, he enjoy his work just like how most people enjoy their sleep.

    Although I think everyone should find time to exercise and spend some time with their family.

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