ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: TEDxAddis – Yohannes Gebre Georgis – Social Entrepreneur

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: TEDxAddis – Yohannes Gebre Georgis – Social Entrepreneur

Here’s Great Tip: TEDxAddis – Yohannes Gebre Georgis – Social Entrepreneur

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At 19 years old, Yohannes Gebregeorgis’ received the casual gift of a romance novel titled Love Kitten that changed his life forever. Forced to flee Ethiopia to the Sudan and then to the United States in 1981 as a political refugee, Gebregeorgis put himself through university and a graduate degree in library science and in 1985, took a post at the San Francisco Public Library’s Children’s Section. There he discovered the wonder of a childhood of literature and determined to bring it to every child in his homeland. In 2002, Gebregeorgis left his job to return to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with 15,000 donated books. With them, he opened the Shola Children’s Library in 2003 followed by The Awassa Reading Center and Ethiopia’s first Donkey Mobile Library, servicing the children of remote villages around the rural capital of Awassa.
Yohannes was awarded the CNN Hero award in 2008.

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  1. Get over it you STUPID fucks! you remind me of black Americans for all the times of the segregation Guess what bitch we are not living in the Stone ages anymore. so please catch up and Educate yourself and children.By that I meant real education not making them racist fucks and isolate them from the rest of Ethiopians.

  2. around your birth date, Ethiopia has been ruling by haileselase the murderer, this date only amharas and christians were allowed to go to school, you told us the oromo people who was subjects and they were never allowed to go to school, if you are clean man you would have told us how they have been oppressed and happened to them………you are telling us your good life on the expense of those oppressed people.

  3. I love the presentation so much and all along I was thinking to volunteer for your organization but was saddened when I heard you saying you are no longer part of the organization. It looks like you have been forced out.

    I do not have much knowledge regarding law but I guess there are avenues you can follow to get back your dreams.
    I believe the almighty GOD will help you to fulfill your dream no matter what. God bless you.

  4. Please let us know how and who took your dream, personally I believe when one door closes more doors open. I also believe in my life I'm the only one keep my own dream key. let us now if their is anything we can learn from your experience regarding 'taking away your dream'. I was 11 grade in Addis when I had my own book. I used to copy from the black board a lot but I don't know what they said. now I'm 44 and an engineering student this was my dream, to get my PHD no matter what . tel as J.

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