ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Rethink Your Purpose, Repair The World | Ashley Stanley | TEDxBeaconStreet

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Rethink Your Purpose, Repair The World | Ashley Stanley | TEDxBeaconStreet

Here’s Great Tip: Rethink Your Purpose, Repair The World | Ashley Stanley | TEDxBeaconStreet

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When we identify a sense of purpose in history, we gain perspective – and often, passion. As the world continues to confront the intersection of COVID19 and the resurgence of the Black lives Matter movement, Ashley Stanley draws on her family’s history as refugees during WW2 as the inspiration for a current call to action.

Ashley Stanley is a born and bred Bostonian. Since founding Lovin’ Spoonfuls in 2010, more than 17 million pounds of fresh, healthy food has been rescued and brought into the social service stream. She has created unparalleled awareness for food rescue, with dedication to addressing hunger relief, climate change and health equity. In 2011, the Boston Business Journal named her an ‘Emerging Leader.’ In 2012, Lovin’ Spoonfuls was a two-time winner of the Mass Challenge competition. In 2013, Ashley was selected as one of the BBJ’s ’40 under 40’ and served as a fellow at The Nantucket Project. In 2014, Ashley was recognized by The Boston Globe as a ‘Game Changer’ and in Boston Magazine’s ‘Power of Ideas.’ She is an Oxfam International Sisters of the Planet Ambassador, a member of TEDWomen, and a TEDx community speaker. She’s been featured on NPR and written for The Huffington Post. Learn more about Ashley. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  2. The gracious thing known as peace, has been hidden under a rock for too long now. It is time for world peace, not world war. It’s time for world love, not world hate. Listen to my peace speech “Peaceful As The Flowers”, now on Youtube!

  3. Thanks for your words, wisdom, and sharing your story! What a wonderful life your grandma lived, and legacy she left.
    "This moment is relentless." Yep.
    Really appreciate what you're reflecting and how you're coping with these moments.

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