ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: La vida en Marte | David Ceballos | TEDxChamberi

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: La vida en Marte | David Ceballos | TEDxChamberi

Here’s Great Tip: La vida en Marte | David Ceballos | TEDxChamberi

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We are preparing for the next evolutionary step of humanity, to expand life beyond the earth. David Ceballos introduces us to Astroland, which is developing the technologies and skills needed to establish the first human colony on Mars, creating an analogous underground base, to test on Earth everything we need to live autonomously on the red planet and, by solving these external problems, develop innovative products and services that will improve people’s lives in our current society. David Ceballos has a degree in Business Management and Administration and since the beginning of his professional career has been linked to entrepreneurship, creating in 2001 his first company Crux T.I. oriented to home automation and intelligent technologies, through various companies in the field of construction, restoration and public works to lead AC1+ today. In 2003 he created BIO HOME, with the aim of industrializing the construction sector and manufacturing houses inspired by the production process of the automobile. All this way of thinking about the future led him to consider what the future society would be like and its transition towards a multi-planetary humanity and with this objective he created Astroland. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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