ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: How youth can re-ignite climate hope | Sophia Hamblin Wang | TEDxCanberraSalon

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: How youth can re-ignite climate hope | Sophia Hamblin Wang | TEDxCanberraSalon

Here’s Great Tip: How youth can re-ignite climate hope | Sophia Hamblin Wang | TEDxCanberraSalon

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In January 2020, Australia’s eastern seaboard was engulfed in some of the worst bushfires ever seen. As the fires edged towards her home town and forced to breath air filled with smoke and soot, Sophia Hamblin Wang was reminded of her power and responsibility as a young change-maker to make a difference. In this talk, Sophia recounts her journey to the World Economic Forum in Davos as a youth advocate for the environment, and reminds youth everywhere their power to change the world for the better. Aussie millennial Sophia Hamblin Wang is one of the few female executives leading the international development of carbon capture and utilisation. Her perspective on the potential for Australian led climate solutions continues to attract attention. In January 2020 she represented Australia at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

With a passion for sustainability, Sophia has successfully built a portfolio career that illustrates her commitment to circular innovation: Chief Operating Officer of Mineral Carbonation International; team leader global health database Health Horizon; Canberra Ambassador for OzHarvest; member of the ACT Climate Change Council and the curator of the Canberra chapter of the Global Shapers Community (a WEF initiative). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

37 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: How youth can re-ignite climate hope | Sophia Hamblin Wang | TEDxCanberraSalon”

  1. Climate hoax. Been waiting for a catastrophe for decades. Planet is greener than ever to balance increase CO2. Please scam elsewhere… the public is waking up and researching for themselves. An awake public is your greatest enemy.

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  3. The time for violence is here. We must kill a few oil company executives and wall street bankers.

    It brings me no pleasure to say this but if we want to save life on earth we have to put fear into those who act with impugnity.

  4. Earth is warming at the rate of 5 nuclear bombs per second

    Ice is melting at 1 million tons per minute per year

    4% of mammals are wild and 68% have been wiped out in 50 years

    Humans & livestock caused 80% of extinctions, livestock cause 25% of infectious disease

    Weather = flash floods + flash fires + flash droughts + flash mobs

    Climate = 30 years of weather + you don't got time to worry about climate

    1 million species of plants and animals at risk of extinction ( Nat Geo 2019 )

    97% of great fresh water species gone since 1970 ( Guardian 2019 )

    96% of mammals are livestock and human ( Ecowatch 2018 )

    96% of tigers gone in 100 years ( IFL Science 2019 )

    90% of elephants gone in 100 years ( Hurriet 2019 )

    90% of lions gone in 100 years ( African Impact 2019 )

    90% of Leatherback sea turtles gone since 1980 ( Earth Watch undated )

    90% of Monarch Butterflies gone in 20 years ( Inhabitat 2014 )

    80% of Antarctic Krill gone in 30 years ( Research Gate 2005 )

    77% of Eastern lowland gorillas gone since 1996 ( Treehugger 2020 )

    68% of world’s wildlife has been wiped out since 1970 ( Mongabay 2020 )

    50% of Marine vertebrates gone since 1970 ( WWF 2015 )

    50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985 ( Live Science 2012 )

    40% of Giraffes gone since 1990 ( NRDC 2019 )

    40% less insects in next 30 years ( PNAS 2019 )

    4% of mammals are wildlife ( Vegan News 2020 )

    700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct Because of Plastic ( Green Planet 2019 )

    500 vertebrate species of less than 1,000 individuals ( PNAS 2020 )

    500 species of animal have gone extinct since 1900 ( RD 2019 )

    With 23 billion chickens on earth, if one sneezes we all get the flu, covids et al are here to stay

    Livestock use 80% of antibiotics, cause 50% of animal to human infectious disease, and the age of effective antibiotics is nearly over

    Green Energy Sources & Numbers

    2020 : 2% of global energy is solar and wind — after 20 yrs trying ( IEA stats 2020 )

    2020 : CO2 up 60% in 30 yrs : up 30% in 15 yrs

    2030 : 50% of world will be short of water

    2040 : 15% of global energy will be renewable

    2050 : 28% of global energy will be renewable, at best — assuming no snags or snafus

    2050 : 600 ppm CO2 BAU = 2X safe limit of 300 ppm set by James Hansen

    Vaclav Smil says energy transformations take a minimum of 75 years

    This is because electricity is a little over 20% of global energy use

    Multiple cascading tipping point collapse starts at 1.5 °C just like dominoes

    We have to stop burning 50% of fuel in 10 years to stop runaway hothouse mass extinction

    Runaway hothouse mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed once started


    The key to effective private dividends is a monthly rebate deposit to citizens.

    Private dividends were first proposed by James Hansen and several economists 10 years ago

    27 Nobel Prize winning economists support Hansen's dividends, including:

    3,589 U.S. Economists, 4 Former Chairs of the Federal Reserve and

    ALL 15 Former Chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers

    He said private monthly dividends would unite left and right to reduce emissions faster than any other way

    Dams and bio-energy are ecological disaster zones

    80% of river life is gone and water dam wars are in Africa and Asia

    50% of Euro Nord renewable electricity comes from burning imported trees

    We can’t burn forests for electricity to save us from the climate

    We can’t build wildfire suppression big enough to handle future wildfires

    Forest fires will burn faster than we can plant trees

    We burn corn, soy and palm oil in cars and will do so until 2030 so far

    We burn recycled plastic and paper for electricity and call it recycled electricity

    Plastic harms the plankton that produce 10% of earth's oxygen

    In the last 20 years, petrochemical demand grew 7X human population

    We don’t have enough land for bio-energy and carbon capture, we're losing soil and water too fast

    To get 30% of energy from algae would take a country the size of Argentina

    To get 20% of global energy from solar in 30 years, we need panels 3X faster than now

    By 2050, there will be 78 million metric tons of solar panel waste, generating 6 million metric tons of new solar panel waste annually. Standard electronics recycling methods don’t cut it for solar panels. ( Wired )

    By 2040 not even half of all cars will be electric

    By 2040 we will have 10% less food, water and habitat if we’re lucky

  5. Sure would be nice if these crooks would quit carbon scamming and climate bawling… and hold super rich corporation owners liable for the actual factual toxic damage they're doing to the environment.
    Restore your integrity, admit that half a degree of warming is a rounding error and not the apocalypse… or better yet, that the human fraction of a few parts of the total 4000ths of one single percentage point of the atmosphere being demonized, (co2), can't possibly determine the temperature of a planet, and join the honest.. thinking minority. Thanks.

  6. 1:53 Why having young voices? Because the old ones know this is all for show. The fires are happening because the green politicians won't allow the fires to be prevented. They want your freedoms and your money so they can give a little of it back to support after the fires.


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