ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Failure is for the Privileged | Katie Heggtveit | TEDxUTSC

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Failure is for the Privileged | Katie Heggtveit | TEDxUTSC

Here’s Great Tip: Failure is for the Privileged | Katie Heggtveit | TEDxUTSC

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Susceptibility to chronic illness is directly related to bigger themes surrounding income and homelessness. Income determines one’s living conditions including safe housing and neighborhoods, as well as access to nutritious food. Self-efficacy is the key to success: This talk is about the relationship between self-efficacy, healthy behaviours, and the homeless. Katie is a recent Nutrition and Food Science grad at Ryerson University with a specialization in Food Security, pursuing a Masters of Management in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Queen’s in August 2020. Upon graduation, she wishes to continue her work in addressing health inequities in low-income populations [locally and internationally] through her development and facilitation of collaborative, client-centered programs focused on exercise and nutrition intervention. She hopes to develop post-secondary courses/certificates and lectures in areas such as entrepreneurship, innovation, public health, community development, and homelessness. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Housing programmes and free education are opportunities we all have in the West.
    Nihilism and low motivation are problems we all face but most overcome. Non Marxist education that anybody can "succeed" and everyone should TRY is the message. We are not equal, not the same. Privilege is not the problem, there should be way more of it. Privilege is given, not taken, but we are awarded privilege with skills and diligence.
    Equity is NOT desirable, more opportunities are. Yes, of course physical and mental health are important; accross the board.

  2. This is on point for North America. I've literally been having these conversations with many of my peers around the gap in opportunities for people and how that impacts their confidence and self-esteem to move forward.

  3. The sad truth is much deeper in different countries. On top of that, most people have zero choice in most cases. Life is very different in the East part of the world.

    sorry, to judge, but next time you present to us, you don't need to be so pushy.

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