Business Tips: WineLibrary TV – 2020 Holiday Special! | Episode #1,003

Business Tips: WineLibrary TV – 2020 Holiday Special! | Episode #1,003

Awesome Tip: WineLibrary TV – 2020 Holiday Special! | Episode #1,003

The long-awaited and highly anticipated WineLibrary Episode #1.003 is finally here for a special Thanksgiving wine special! In this episode, Gary tastes and shares his thoughts on 4 different wines and whether or not they will pair nicely with your turkeys and the thanksgiving favorites. Drop a comment on which of these wines you are bringing to your dinner this year… Enjoy!

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the Chairman of VaynerX, a modern day communications parent company, as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations.
Gary is a venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an early investor in companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo and Uber. He is currently the subject of WeeklyVee, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO and public figure in today’s digital world. He is also the host of #AskGaryVee, a business and advice Q&A show online.

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29 Replies to “Business Tips: WineLibrary TV – 2020 Holiday Special! | Episode #1,003”

  1. This. Was. Everything!!!! Seriously, made me so happy. Such great old school Garyvee. Love it. The wine that turned me onto wine was probably the 2006 (or 8 or so) Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. But since watching WLTV in 2007 and continuing on through to the end (and getting to be on episode 494 Luckily since then my tastes have changed and evolved, and my pocketbook has, too. Currently super into rhone and pas Robles syrahs, viogners, Alsatian rieslings, gewurtztraminers, and dry muscats, and California cabernets (cause I love here). Love you, Gary. Thanks for releasing this. Made my WEEK! My GUY.

  2. I know you are using your following to indirectly promote wine library but what about the people who have absolutely no interest in wine whatsoever but would really like to say hi to you? You are my inspiration and what pulled me through the last three years of my heroin addiction. Lucky for me I flipped my addiction from heroin to success and I've been going hard 16 to 18 hours a day everyday since. Yes I know I'm missing an opportunity right here to advertise but I'm not ready to jump out there yet I'm still prepping so I can just come out swinging it is part of my plan. I hope you have a great night bro and thank you so much for the content it is greatly appreciated. honestly I believe it has saved my life!

  3. Was doing work at my computer then got totally derailed by this video. And I don't even drink wine. Wtf. Possibly most entertaining GV clip I've seen in a while. Garyvee, damnit, I was busy and hustling. Why you so good at attention arbitrage.

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  5. The wine that struck me the most in recent years is one I tasted in 2018: a 2016 white Etna, produced in Sicily by Planeta, 100% Carricante.

    It was a revelation: it was spring when I drank it, but my nose and my mouth made a journey through space and time: I felt like walking under the sun, in Sicily, in the scent of figs and dry stone.

  6. Hey Gary, It's Dan Ricciato, Winemaker/Owner for Marnet, thanks for all the love on my 2018 Campbell Ranch Pinot Noir! If you ever want to talk more about Pinot Noir, I'm your go-to guy! Keep up the great energy and good vibes. DR

  7. I have watched your 1000 shows and visited you in New Jersey. My new favorite is Ship of Fools made by Chateau Grand Traversr out of Michigan. It is a blend of three pinot grapes and at room temperature is delightful. You can actually taste the three differant grapes. If you chill it you loose the viscosity. Try it. You will thank me. Jerry Schonfeld.

  8. I just wish that someone had pointed me in the direction of WineLibrary TV at its beginning. That said, I have been catching up on all the episodes and I have now tried grape varieties and wines from around the world that would have flown over my radar without Gary's recommendations.

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