Business Tips: The Internet Will Put You Out of Business If You Don’t Understand This | Keynote in Minnesota 2018

Business Tips: The Internet Will Put You Out of Business If You Don’t Understand This | Keynote in Minnesota 2018

Awesome Tip: The Internet Will Put You Out of Business If You Don’t Understand This | Keynote in Minnesota 2018

Really loved giving this keynote, #GetMeGaryVee, in Rochester, Minnesota.. Got to cover a handful of things, but the thing that I have to really put emphasis on is that if you’re running a business in 2018 and you’re not paying close attention to everything that is going on with the internet and blockchain, you could be in deep trouble. Please, please don’t let so many of these amazing opportunities fly right by you.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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37 Replies to “Business Tips: The Internet Will Put You Out of Business If You Don’t Understand This | Keynote in Minnesota 2018”

  1. I never thought of it like that. I’ve been thinking how it’s kinda Sad that stores are closing and a scary amount of people don’t leave their house…besides all that I never thought about how Amazon eBay etc is for the entrepreneurs

    In other words- retail robbery is now going down yet what will the entrepreneurs do with that? Are we going to repeat what we said we hated or are we gonna do this the right way? And what’s the right way- especially when eleven year olds selling slime are making millions…

  2. Watching this video and decided to go to http://www.IAMWORTHY.ORG to see what it is all about…. and what they are spitting out to us by hiring @garyvee to do this speech . So there is NO about us… or who we are or what we soother then SELL GARY VEEE T-SHIRTS???? am i missing something or is it something i have no idea? GENERATION HERO???? so they spend 150k to hire Gary to come and speak to move shirts and hats… this cant be right, can it??????????????????

  3. The joke at 14m30s (Old Lady) shows that GV has a different level of permission and trust with those he helps because he can spit truths that traditional media would spin against anyone else. But his point about intent (his being good) proves you can say whatever you want if you come from a place of wanting to add value, educate and inform people. He's in a space that 99.99% of politicians, celebrities and other public figures cannot go near.

  4. Living in Croatia when 1M people left the country in last 10 year is impossimle to flip a product and make money .I bought 4 iphone plastic screen cover for 2 $ and try to sell 2 for 7$.No one did buy…You want to freelance in Croatia?Get prepared for bureaucracy.They will cut you in every segment. USA is another world.You can seell shit,and make money. So is there a European version like Gary Vee maybe from Croatia ?!

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