Business Tips: The Hard Truth About Managing People

Business Tips: The Hard Truth About Managing People

Awesome Tip: The Hard Truth About Managing People

I really wanted to share this talk about trusting employees, giving them trust and then learning how they operate from there rather than the traditional “trust is earned” stance.

Also, for anyone that is confused, because I’m a very alpha character and I believe that the new “man” is growing in emotional intelligence and “soft skills”. Kindness, empathy, and gratitude, which were once considered “soft” are now becoming cool.

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45 Replies to “Business Tips: The Hard Truth About Managing People”

  1. I am beginning to understand.. The more I watch my thoughts the more I realize how deep these ultimate judgements really go and how unfounded the entire construct can be. By dropping my judgemenst of others it seems that self-judgement also ceases . And the free space that has been created by not judging easily fills with empathy 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts Gary, so much appreciated

  2. You were spot on at least in my situation about first time "users" of your platform being drawn to you. Personally I have been labeled as overly optimistic and I get off on growing in every facet of my life and helping those around me grow

  3. I think your message is good, there is one thing I do not agree with. yes you do have give some trust to people you dont know but that trust needs to be dosed right. Thats crucial. Why do you think pilots spend countless hours flying smaller planes before they get into the big Airbus. Giving your full trust to anyone could be very harmful to a business or to people.

  4. Just a quick comment/question. I manage a team and I too like to "Trust Blindly". When I do this other managers tell me that I shouldn't and that I should stay on top of each individual more. My explanation is "I will let them manage the tasks that are assigned to them and do many follow ups throughout the life of the project. If I'm hearing complaints or I find that my team isn't using resources properly then I'll step in and give them help and try to get all tasks completed". Is this a good way to approach it?

    One more question is have you ever dealt with unionized employees? and how does that differ from non-unionized employees? it seems harder to work with unions than non-unions. What are your thoughts.

  5. "Leave your two cents if you understood this video." It's just so much the truth that I live and breathe that I don't even know if I have anything meaningful to add other than to just repeat you and commend you for the work you do

  6. It's sweet he asked Gary to describe something in one sentence!! Gary, thanks for all you give. Life is SO MUCH EASIER TO MANAGE when you lead with happiness and kindness. You get to stop walking through life in the mud… your steps are lighter and your GaryVee's stay a helluva lot cleaner!

  7. I agree the male generations are becoming softer but also losing the Alpha. I have 25+ employees from the ages of 17-31 and overcoming adversity is not a strong suit for most of them. I find my Female employees are emotionally more balanced and are becoming the true Alpha's.

  8. I agree with you when you said that it is about being totally confident in yourself when it comes to empowering other people in the company. I have a question when it comes to starting a company and the people around you who are helping you build the company, how do you break down positions to where nobody feels left out?

  9. Core concept for me was 9:25 to 10:56–that you have opinions about people or things run through your mind about people in context and in the moment, but you don’t judge them because judging is an absolute. We don’t know what others are going through AND all of us are a work in progress (the world is grey). I liked what you said between the above time stamp because it captures the reason you trust until a person breaks it and also why it is so important to be as kind and empathetic as possible. For example, I saw an Instagram post a week or two ago where you were so kind to someone who, to me, was attempting to roast you. I have to tell you that I am known for my kindness, like people, strangers even, mention it to me. But, I think I would have been upset in that situation and would have kept my cool and would have been kind, but then went for a run later or something and then sort it out and be ok. But, you were straight up pure kind. I try my best to do that, but I’m not that way sometimes. I just feel you gave me the concept that will help me go to the next level, and I am so appreciative and grateful. Thank you, Gary.

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