Business Tips: INBOUND 2012 Keynote: Care Immensely or Die!

Business Tips: INBOUND 2012 Keynote: Care Immensely or Die!

Awesome Tip: INBOUND 2012 Keynote: Care Immensely or Die!

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This is a new classic. Seriously one of the best keynotes I’ve done since Inc 500.

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39 Replies to “Business Tips: INBOUND 2012 Keynote: Care Immensely or Die!”

  1. I grew up in a family of Entrepreneurs but my grandmother was my most influence and you hit it on the head when you speak of caring for the people more then the business because that is what she did.

  2. If this video is too long for you to watch – and understandably so – skip the first 50 minutes and watch only the end. It really is the only part of the keynote that matters.

  3. This speech is amazing, yet I can't get over the fact that from at 57:2257:46, when you talk about the ROI of your Zin delivery, it looks like you're constantly rubbing your nipples Gary hahaaha. But besides that, this is incredibly insightful.

  4. We as humans are obnoxiously good if you look at the data and don't listen to the news!! Amen to that @***** Love everything he says, revolutionary :o)

  5. I am super pumped listening to you speak, AGAIN! Thank you, I am excited to implement this into my business TEKTON Media. I'm going through all your Youtube vids and learning from you. 🙂 

  6. This applies perfectly to User Experience design. To ask why should you care about UX design is basically to ask "Why should I care to put my user at the center?", well, you should care immensely or you should die! 🙂

    I'm a big fan Gary, BIG fan.

  7. Yo Gabsz…
    …one do not have to die to revisit ones life…there are methods to step out and in again while living…(…so you can adjust things for the better…)
    Miracles DO happen mate!
    Love's the engine behind everything great ace…
    r : )

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