Business Tips: How to Fix Your Marketing Strategy to Stop Losing Customers | Raja Rajamannar Interview

Business Tips: How to Fix Your Marketing Strategy to Stop Losing Customers | Raja Rajamannar Interview

Awesome Tip: How to Fix Your Marketing Strategy to Stop Losing Customers | Raja Rajamannar Interview

Today’s episode is an interview on the current state of marketing that I did with the CMO of Mastercard, Raja Rajamannar. In this interview, we discuss Raja’s new book “Quantum Marketing” and his thoughts and the requirements for being a successful marketer today. We also discuss the shock that I was met with when I entered the Fortune 500 space 13 years ago due to the way that executives ran their businesses. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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0:00 Intro
3:40 What are the biggest vulnerabilities in marketing right now?
10:35 Are traditional ads dying?
16:27 Raj’s background + being open to opportunity
23:00 Have any major players read your book yet?
25:40 Outro

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21 Replies to “Business Tips: How to Fix Your Marketing Strategy to Stop Losing Customers | Raja Rajamannar Interview”

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  2. Thank you! When you were talking about customer convenience and that they will spend money to save time just gave me an idea of how to present a fix for a client! My brain just needed the spark, so thanks for clicking the flint!

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  5. When Gary talked about that "X" being smaller so you accidentally click shit… Thats how I feel about the gaming industry these days. Creating friction for the consumer to trap their attention. Gary nails it on the head every time. Love the content.

  6. 22:31 Gary Vaynerchuk question, Regarding discomfort from Raja Rajamannar peers was pure gold. "Poke the Bear" the following answer demands my respect and exactly why I plan to read his Book. "Quantum Marketing " Thank You Raja Rajamannar & To GaryVee this one is for you here is my answer in context to podcast episode "Overrated Underrated " ? UNDERRATED MASSIVE VALUE I will watch this like 20 times . Note to the 8 thumbs down it's 5:17 am and I am PUMPED UP !

  7. Great video Tons of helpful information, just a random thought after watching this video do you think credit card companys should start looking at their customers followers as a way to provide a larger spending limit on their credit cards in addition to their credit score?

  8. I love this! You guys are so far ahead. I studied marketing ten years ago under the head of markering for my dad’s favourite football team (I’m not interested in football myself, but since I grew up in a house with a very passionate dad I had picked up quite a bit about the teams journey). She was ahead of the game back then, for sure, but times have changed so much in these 10 years. I never went into markering as a career for different reasons, but I love the subject so much! I think the thought of doing it under the ”set in stone” rules of many compnies in the old-school way didn’t appeal to me, and I am not willing to try hard to sell a product I don’t believe in 100% (which is most products). I’ve been working on creating my own brand recently and I have so much fun with it, I can’t believe it! Much because of how you have opened up my eyes to how you can think about it!

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