Business Tips: Everybody's reachable.

Business Tips: Everybody's reachable.

Awesome Tip: Everybody's reachable.

More and more, we have mothers who are influenced by their daughters instead of the reverse. Respect it

You sort of disdain the folks who are not actually using social media and they’re talking about ROI. What if you’re a business decision maker and your consumers aren’t using that social media platform?

Well then you shouldn’t be there! My belief is that is not true. I do not believe there’s a difference between how to sell on Facebook from an age standpoint and how to sell on LinkedIn from a business to business standpoint. Here’s an example, I helped a nursing home, because it was a friend of a friend not for vaynermedia, not for me and not for a case study just a couple pieces of advice. They told me “listen our clients are 80 to 90 year olds.” and my immediate response was “No they are not! Your clients are their kids! Their kids are your actual client.” It’s important to know how to identify your clients before you can learn how to sell on Facebook or how to sell on Linkedin.

There are plenty of 40, 50 and 60 year olds on Facebook. When advertisers started making content for them, 40-60 year olds started converting. The key is to identify the decision maker before you can understand how to sell on facebook or how to sell on linkedin.

Here’s another example: if you look at the dynamics of Snapchat, Vine and Instagram, it’s to sell to 40 year old women; even though they’re not there. If you look at the data right now forty to fifty year old women that have daughters that are between the age of 8 to 16 year old are affecting their mothers buying habits so much more. The same applies to how to sell on social media in general.

Ten or twenty years ago it was the other way around, We’re living through the “youthification” of our society. If you look at the habits of middle aged women, the way they dress, the way they act, what they do day in and day out. The average 45-year-old woman today is acting more similar to a 27-year-old. If you think about what your parent were like when they were your age right this minute, your parents thought they were done and that was only two or three generations ago at 50, 60 and 70. We’re so lucky we’re living longer we’re taking better care of ourselves and we are living through this massive “youthification”.

The cougar movement that was so fun to make jokes about is a very real thing.
We have brands like Dove and we have been marketing to 15-year-old girls to make their moms buy the product, because if their daughter thinks it’s cool then their mom will buy that product. How to sell on social media isn’t always easy – sometimes the answer isn’t as obvious as you might think.

I’m going to give you an example, Guinness beer. Guinness beer had a problem about sixty years ago. They had pubs sales decline in the UK for the first time ever and they thought to themselves “what are we going to do?”. They went and did old school market research and surveyed people in bars and found out the two biggest things people talked about were soccer and trivia. They created the Guinness Book of World Records, what Guinness did was they started their own media company to solve their problem.

I believe every person in this room right now either you are involved with in organizations or a business-wise, NGO, everyone can be in the media business. I’m in the media business, agency, wine, it’s why I started my wine show. I actually think what you need to seriously consider in this world is to become a media company, meaning: put out long-form content around, not necessarily specifically to your field, but the kind of things that interest the people that you’re trying to court in a kind of way where you get no ads.

Say you started a golf website, you would look at other websites that are competing against Golf Digest. What I would do is try to make a deal with other golf websites where on every seventh post my business would be promoted. I believe that this is going to be a blueprint for people doing business. People are going to try to create their media and content around a specific interest.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and innovative entrepreneur. Find more at

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  1. Geez whiz, some radical different ways of thinking strategically given in this vid. Super gold nuggets! It is going to be insanely interesting to me to try and apply it. I make electronic dance music (EDM). Now to find the white space to reach the youngsters to create content re their interests in such a manner that would divert some focus/attention to my music….. Hmmmm, I love this challenge! Thanks for sharing this wisdom, Gary! Much love and greetings from Cape Town!

  2. Thank you, you've just formalized a marketing strategy I'd been groping towards. You might consider the additional value of objective content in between those ads, especially if you can make it inexpensively. 

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