Business Tips: Can Anyone Make Good Micro-Content?

Business Tips: Can Anyone Make Good Micro-Content?

Awesome Tip: Can Anyone Make Good Micro-Content?

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17 Replies to “Business Tips: Can Anyone Make Good Micro-Content?”

  1. Crazy that I found this video on it's anniversary! I'm finally getting started and wanted to know if mixing-in short videos within my core YouTube content strategy would not only help me be consitent, but if it would actually play-out in terms of being effective for engagement.

  2. I see this video is from 2015… I was so far away from your content in 2015. I never even watched youtube back then, although I was 31))) Its a shame I have not seen it sooner, on the other hand… I saw it now, so its time to take action now.

  3. I just got a 360 degree camera for playing around with (theta 360) and thought it would be another cool way to deliver your "behind the scenes" video every now and again as well as periscoping live. You (or rather D-Rock) can simply sync the video and your clean audio in post and put up another youtube video that allows people to look around the room behind the camera while you're giving these short form videos – could be interesting to see the reactions of those in the room when you're talking to the camera… #JustAThought

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