Business Tips: Blowing Up Our Plans to Write a Blog Post on My Analysis of Instagram TV

Business Tips: Blowing Up Our Plans to Write a Blog Post on My Analysis of Instagram TV

Awesome Tip: Blowing Up Our Plans to Write a Blog Post on My Analysis of Instagram TV

Definitely an interesting outcome of a meeting on an IGTV (Instagram Television) article that I was planning to write.. If you haven’t been watching me for a while, then you probably don’t know that the way I write my articles and create written-content is by having my team interview me and read rough-draft articles to me so that I can give my two cents on the topic of the article as they go. I really wanted to share this video with you guys because I think that it gives you a better picture as to how my team and I create meta content.

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25 Replies to “Business Tips: Blowing Up Our Plans to Write a Blog Post on My Analysis of Instagram TV”

  1. Those last two minutes specifically are gold. Especially the "Well that's because most people are short term and not smart"
    Build your audience while it's free to do so, don't care about the monetisation, care about growing the audience. Then when monetisation DOES come to that platform, you've already got an audience while the rest of the world are playing catch up because they didn't want to loose some monetisation on one platform by making free content on another platform. They then have to build that audience, meanwhile people with the long term vision are now profiting from the long term work.

  2. Instagram really needs to do something about their updates release. So many people do not have features on their main accounts, but have those very features on their other accounts. For example, I still do not have Gifs, Polls, Sliders, or Questions for my insta stories on my main account, but my 3 other accounts and any new ones I make, they do. Super frustrating.

  3. Im sitting on the trakk while watching this and while i am watching this i glance up to see a young girl in front of me. Watching a vertical video. But she isn’t watching IGTV she’s watching So maybe it not just an attack on YouTube but also on musicaly’s ever growing audience. Now even if it’s not totally similar but it’s the vertical point of it that is interesting. Musically now has 200million users. A network built for just vertical videos. Maybe Instagram is not focusing so much on the short term but building something or attempt to create something for generation Z.

  4. "YouTube isn't mobile." .. Talking weird. That's a weird statement. Today, who waits until they get to a computer or laptop to watch YouTube? People pop out their phone and watch videos on the go, all of the time and the experience is fluid. With Chromecast I go from phone to TV with a click of a button. That was four years ago. Rethink that statement, Gary.

  5. Great content Gary! As I'm inching my way of helping local businesses in the social media world, this has been incredibly valuable. And for what it's worth, I watch YouTube on my TV via xbox, and bring up the mobile app to leave comments. ✌

  6. IGTV sounds like the perfect place for vloggers now though

    Still there could be the bias of us guys watching horizontal content since the dawn of TV that now we're resisting the horizontal view content just because we got the hang of the former. It's just like the concept of notch, many didn't liked it yet it's too early and also Zuck might be experimenting (because he plays the long game and also because he has the leverage to do so) and maybe add both horizontal and vertical videos. Idk where it'll go I just know that the acceptance of vertical videos as much as horizontal is very possible. Maybe it'll be like Android vs iOS

    Came from the podcast episode though (yes you need to do more throwback Thursdays, that shit was awesome)

  7. Funny you mention about not having IGTV and the comments. One of my accounts STILL does not have the HIGHLIGHTS feature. It is sooooo annoying. My other two accounts have it. Come on now Instagram, what is going ooon??

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