Business Tips: BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOURSELF | DailyVee 076

Business Tips: BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOURSELF | DailyVee 076


Today on DailyVee, I have a quick interview with Mike Rashid followed by an interview with Bonin Bough and David Shing. Really enjoyed the time that I got to spend at Advertising Week!

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Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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38 Replies to “Business Tips: BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOURSELF | DailyVee 076”

  1. 8:40 I have a technic for that. First I divide paper in 2 sides. Left positive right negative. I write down all that I dont want or have negative feeling about it. Then I go on and just write all opposite to that on the left side. We as humans are more likely to know what we dont want because of years and years of negativity we are surrounded so it grows in our selfs so it become rly hard to focus on what we rly deep inside want… so only way I found it is to trick ourself by doing it as I described it at beginning… good luck

  2. Gary – you're gonna have to teach people about success for-ever. Until our school system gets it right, until parents get it right, there's always a new generation of people without motivation. lol

  3. Gary, you seem like someone who really is trying to be helpful to people. I really appreciate seeing that kind of care in your videos. You may seem like a hard ass and maybe you are but that toughness is really to get people to wise up. When I need a kick in the ass, I listen to your videos. Thanks. I know you don't have to post these videos but know it helps people.

  4. People always say follow your passion, but i don't get it. Following your passion won't mean that you're gonna be motivated or have it easier. So what's the buzz about passion? Isn't passion something that comes with the climb? When the rewards get exponentionally higher.

  5. Patience is the biggest thing that and realizing that time really does fix everything it's not gonna be good forever but it's not going to be bad forever either it's the balance we make it inside our mind perspective is everything

  6. I've been saving my money in any chance i can get, mostly from being a reseller and part time job while finishing my degree, I will use my money to move abroad and get a job in the industry that i've always interested in, i guess to have an ambition to do well in outside country will be a different case, i don't know if it will work i sacrifice to move away from my partner, Bestfriends and family. what you guys think i should prepare beside money ?

  7. Awesome I'm 46 worked hard all my life for others, was an age where being reserved was the norm. I've come across 2 Businesses that have started Oct 2016 V Card Global and Nerium International !! So I've joined them and today After subscribing this morning the 1st of March 2017 I decided to get a new iPhone 1st ever mind you in my life to be with the ability to Instagram the the hell out of it so stage 1 learn how to. 2nd wake up out of the main stream and do what I dream of like present my way thank you 46 I'm going to do my 50th in NYC fuck yeah thanks again mate Muzz G.C.

  8. GARY DOG, You Wakeboard?? what's that boot doin behind you at 0:47. How do you even find the time? Extremley inspired and motivated by your videos. I do So many things, that I can be good at, I'm really trying to listen to you to narrow that down to one thing I can be Great at.

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