Business Tips: 13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019

Business Tips: 13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019

Awesome Tip: 13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019

During Gary’s Auckland Keynote he shares that there are 2 sides to how he runs his businesses. The first side is the constant testing and innovation that his consistently changing, and the other side is the core business principles that he knows are tried and true and will work no matter what the context is. In this keynote, he goes through what these principles are, why they are important, and how you can start applying them to your business today… Enjoy!

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Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications holding company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the globe. He’s a sought out public speaker, a 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an angel investor in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, and Uber.

VaynerX, also includes Gallery Media Group, which houses women’s lifestyle brand PureWow and men’s lifestyle brand ONE37pm. In addition to running VaynerMedia, Gary also serves as a partner in the athlete representation agency VaynerSports, cannabis-focused branding and marketing agency Green Street and restaurant reservations app Resy. Gary is a board/advisory member of Ad Council and Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water.

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39 Replies to “Business Tips: 13 Core Business Principles to Start IMMEDIATELY | Auckland Keynote 2019”

    10:01 – Why aren’t you posting?
    13:25 – The ultimate strength in our society
    19:39 – Why aren’t you making content?
    24:49 – Marketing strategy for international
    26:21 – “Gary can you be on my podcast?” 
    28:53 – Don’t be like me, be yourself 
    31:07 – Biggest mistake dads and moms make
    34:06 – How to motivate and convince clients 
    35:20 – The next step after you’re already creating content
    35:50 – Twitter still works 
    37:10 – esports is going to be the biggest sport in 20 years
    40:12 – how to decide what to talk about
    43:00 – If you got ripped off, it’s your fault

  2. First I want to thank you Gary for being so direct and to the point. You are awesome and have turned me on to new things for my new business….thank you. I have started a moving company with 2 other people. I have been in this field for nearly 10 yrs and one of my partners I have known for over 6 yrs and he has been in the business for about 30 years. The 3rd person has never done a single thing before in this field but he is a successful business man. So if we are being honest myself and the man with 30 years experience started this business and the 3rd person is the financial backer (not to discredit his business knowledge that he brings to the table). I am working on posting on FB & LinkedIn in the quantity that you are saying we need to do but what kind of content would I use for TikTok & Instagram? Right now we are sending out postcards direct to potential customers whos house just went under contract. Where else would you suggest I put content, have an account, or market to gain the maximum volocity?

  3. I am looking for content creators (for our industry), marketing people and anyone who thinks they have value for our small business. We all have our own problems and nobody cares. This is true but we all still work together and maybe we can. I think the GaryVee community is where to look because if you are interested, we are probably similar. My business sells manicure and pedicure products. We don’t have money upfront but are willing to work out a percentage for sales that are attributed for your direct work and more importantly build a relationship. We work out of Denver, U.S. however your location does not matter. Respond to this comment or email me at

  4. GaryVee you should be more respectful about the people that ask you questions. I don't care how much money you have everyone knows that failer brings the success you can not always be perfect or right in everything. Ease up a bit. & quit being an ass hole buddy. & I should not be taken lightly either. I know of the best in success & you can not even come close to their status. Warren Buffet is one of them. Mark Zuckerburg is another including Jeff Bezos, & Bill Gates. We are all still using their platforms. & without their platforms none of us business entrepreneurs would even be able to make it or scratch the surface have not been for these caring charismatic individuals.

  5. So I'm a wedding and portrait photographer. So, you say that Linked In isn't just for business. Is this approach ok for my industry? I'm sure the context would be a bit different but not sure how to spin it in that world. HMMMMMM

  6. Always find time for GARY Vee! Driving, Cooking, Working – I listen to you Gary on the daily. Saw you in Brisbane and loved every minute. Love how you are consistent as f. Love how you totally close off all other scammers with their $8K e-books. lol – you are the future of honestly giving a f. and hopefully the younger generations can listen to you and your common sense. You are the first person I go to when I feel like my 2 businesses need a kick in the butt, you are the first person I click to for a push in the right direction. Mum with 3 kids doing the hustle on 2 online businesses! Keep doing these videos I can't get enough. ALSO can you tap into working mum's a little more – finding the balance is hard work. Thanks GV! Katrina

  7. Woaw, woaw, wait a minute. At the 1:19:20 mark or there abouts when the lady talks about Linked In and how she's killing it on there and Gary asks how often do you post there the reply was about 10 times a day! TEN TIMES A DAY! To LinkedIn?! Hmmm it's not Facebook. It's not Twitter. It's a different kind of platform. You post twice a week and let your posts grow and roll and gain likes and comments. You don't bombard Linked In with clutter posts. Sorry, loved so much of this video but to say "that's good, post more" is insane. If I saw someone posting 20 times a day to LinkedIn I'd definitely be unfollowing. I'm not there for trash posting.

    Edit: When I say posts I mean my own personal content posts. Not replies to others. Hell yeah, if your replies are what you're counting as posts then fire ahead to 20 but if it's 100 posts of your own stuff Mon-Fri that's just overkill IMO of course. What's worked for me is post and let people get attracted to the content as it goes further out the connection circles or whatever LinkedIn call it.

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