ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Why You Should Embrace The Chaos | Daniel Halenko | TEDxFulwood

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Why You Should Embrace The Chaos | Daniel Halenko | TEDxFulwood

Here’s Great Tip: Why You Should Embrace The Chaos | Daniel Halenko | TEDxFulwood

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RECORDED MAY 7TH 2019 | Do you fear change? Or do you only like the change…that you like? People suffer because society doesn’t embrace change. Why is that? Would you be willing to change your view of change?

Daniel is a passionate, captivating storyteller and draws upon history and experience to paint our past, reframe our present and illuminate a path forward we can all walk, to a more evolved world for humanity.

We are surrounded by apparent chaos all the time, but fighting this chaos will not lead you to calm. We are all born uniquely and live absolutely unique lives. However as global citizens, we are more than the sum of our parts and although everyone’s actions are unique to their circumstances we can all play our part somewhere if we choose to. Daniel proposes that society’s path forward is to embrace the chaos, change gears and step up as people, leaders and businesses…as truly global citizens, and begin to cooperate with each other as such. Daniel Halenko is a dedicated catalyst to transform the way people operate in business & life, a Global Master Trainer, Heart Math Coach, leader, speaker & best selling author in 11 different countries.

Over 20 years in business and spiritual development, Daniel exited his last company to follow his life’s mission & now liberates leaders from the restraints of past patterns to step into their Sovereign Self as this new decade blooms.

Alongside his partner they focus on Conscious Evolutionary Leadership & developed HUMAN 5.0, a blueprint for the Renaissance of your-Self believing that Great Humans make Great Leaders. A huge enthusiast for life in both the outer and inner worlds his mission is the mobilisation of the rise of the collective consciousness.

Daniel is a great communicator, weaving great storytelling skills with analogy to explain complex ideas & blends modern science with ancient wisdom, where life & business meet spiritual development.

www.DanielHalenko.co.uk/embrace This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Really loved it:)
    You're right in saying that the path ahead needn't be a bumpy road, but rather be done with grace and ease.
    Everything new is hard at first. And every great idea by someone great was ridiculed, before it got the recognition and people finally knew it's worth:)
    You just gotta keep believing in you and have faith that things work out, if you keep working on:) Happily:)

  2. You started good … kindof … I didn't like The End. Only The God can forgive us past mistakes. We need The One person, to decleare our mistakes are forgiven. We can not do this together. God is One. The Qur'an is scientific.

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