ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Why Innovative Uses of Telehealth Should Be Championed | Christine Zack | TEDxReno

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Why Innovative Uses of Telehealth Should Be Championed | Christine Zack | TEDxReno

Here’s Great Tip: Why Innovative Uses of Telehealth Should Be Championed | Christine Zack | TEDxReno

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This interview with Christine Zack was recorded on June 8, 2020, in Reno, Nevada. Christine discusses how telehealth services expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. She makes the case for why we need to continue to increase broadband connectivity and innovative uses of telehealth to improve health equity for all. Christine Zack is an entrepreneurial and visionary leader who has over 15 years of experience as a corporate healthcare executive. Prior to joining Capability Health as its President & CEO in late 2018, Christine served on the executive management team for three national healthcare provider companies and a digital health start-up company. In addition to Christine’s role with Capability Health, which includes overseeing the largest private-sector pediatric rehabilitation program in Nevada, she also serves as a member of the Southern California-based Avanti Hospitals Compliance Board of Directors and as Adjunct Faculty in UNLV’s School of Public Health where she teaches healthcare law and ethics courses to Master’s level and law students. She is also a member of the Board of Trustees for The Shade Tree and a Director of the State of Nevada Association of Providers. Christine holds a JD from Tulane Law School and a BA from Dickinson College. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. She is reading from the tele-prompt that’s why she is not facing the interviewer. This is a staged interview where questions are scripted as well. I don’t understand why people are triggered by the word “corporate.” Most healthcare providers and payers are run as for profit corporate entities, ones that run as non-profit while provide more affordable services their status exempt them from paying taxes which is the money that funds government initiatives. If you listen closely, all she said is that due to COVID, the government has temporary expended coverage for telehealth services, she argues to expand on permanent basis. She also mentioned one care service and an example that are better off with telemedicine like prevention care. Not the best Ted Talk, but she made her point short and clear.

  2. They are already providing high speed internet to rural areas via hot air balloons with Loon LLC . If there is a demand the people will find a way to deliver. Drones or blimps would probably work well too.

    We used to pump quarters into telephone booths to make phone calls so should we continue to monetize the internet? It is a necessary form of communication almost in any major city nowadays.

  3. Another ad for mechanizing – de humanizing – life experience. Humans cannot replace The Maker. Some help from telehealth may be helpful, however, I like meeting people face to face. Years ago they taught us to be afraid of the sun, now they teach us to be afraid of people !!! :-#/

  4. The worst thing to happen to healthcare is the tele visit system. It takes away all ability to efficiently and effectively treat a patient. The corporate side on the other hand has everything to gain because they will charge you the same if not higher prices for lower quality treatment. The greed of these people is so vile you sell the health and wealth of the meek to feed your offspring. You disgust me. Tele health is the end of public access to healthcare. Now call doctors to be told they can't do anything for you unless you are rich. Here's my global audience comment: you are predators and stay away from me.

  5. This increase in telehealth is increasing the divide between classes as the poor often don't have internet, computers, smart phones, or sometimes even a private phone to receive a confidential medical call. Medicaid and Medicare were the last on board with approving telehealth during COVID. At least they waived the copays for now; it's sad when you don't have the $3 copay to see your doctor when you need to. Same with the kids who couldn't do their school work because they didn't have internet, or educated/supportive parents, or parents who work 2 & 3 jobs and couldn't be involved.

  6. Health education must be expanded, this is better than taking drug-based medications.

    We are responsible for our healthcare.
    Avoid others ruining our health
    Health knowledge is cheaper than buying medicine

  7. People should know what a propaganda pipeline TEDx talks are for the neoliberal technocratic agenda. Lots of “doing good while doing well for yourself, and your new family” to be found, targeting corporate recruits.

    The current hegemonic agenda is the role of technology and battle for AI dominance in the emerging global order between the US and China, which is heavily influenced by the paranoia and authoritarian escalation of a bunch of authoritarian national security and profiteering capitalist assholes. In this case, Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive of Alphabet (Google's parent company), and Robert Work, the former deputy secretary of defense, whom administrate the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI). Their stance is that the Constitution and civil liberties need to be shredded, and American sensibilities about individual habits such as owning a car and driving, including going to see a doctor in person, are holding America back from competing with China, and its implementation of AI. This comparison however, fails to contextualize that competition in relationship to the horrid system of state authoritarian totalitarian social credit system and mass surveillance that the Chinese are required to deal with. Of course, these people want to inflict their own equivalent social credit system on Americans without ever telling them about it, through surveillance capitalism, where everything you do online and in life is coordinated with a personal profile to affect your credit score, financial options, employment consequences, and the goods and services you qualify for and have access to.

    These paranoid nationalist authoritarians and capitalists “are congressionally mandated, independent federal commission set up last year to consider the methods and means necessary to advance the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and associated technologies by the United States to comprehensively address the national security and defense needs of the United States.” This Silicon Valley/National Security State techno-fascist AI nightmare has the full funding and endorsement of the US government, including an open invitation to the TEDx stage. Our species stands on the doom-step of premature extinction, and nobody is attempting to stand this authoritarian escalation down – instead profit off of it, until the very last day before doomsday.

    Jimmy Dore did a segment on YouTube: “Security State Using Coronavirus To Implement Orwellian Nightmare”

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