ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: The art of entrepreneurship: Julie Meyer at TEDxSalford

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: The art of entrepreneurship: Julie Meyer at TEDxSalford

Here’s Great Tip: The art of entrepreneurship: Julie Meyer at TEDxSalford

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Julie Meyer is one of the leading champions for entrepreneurship in Europe. With over 20 years investment and advisory experience helping start-up businesses, she is the well known founder & CEO of Ariadne Capital, co- founder and Managing Partner of the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund, founder of Entrepreneur Country and co-founder of First Tuesday. Julie has added a successful media career to her business commitments, recently joining BBC’s Online Dragon’s Den, in addition to her regular contributions to Business Week, Computing, FT Digital Business & Spectator Business.

She sits on the Boards of INSEAD, Medikidz, Vestergaard Frandsen and Jellybook. In 2011, she was asked to be on the Secretary of State’s Entrepreneurs Panel and the Secretary of Health’s Innovation Panel. In 2012, Julie was honoured to receive an honorary MBE, for her ‘services to entrepreneurship’.


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  1. One tiny problem in her narrative, she preaches the same Capitalist Economic and Technological progress at the cost of the workers of the world, the poor and our planet. An expanding pie that pushes the same inequality globally. If the next big bang is AI then our privacy truly goes away – scratch that it's gone. She doesn't address the greed aspect that's inherent in the system, nor does she acknowledge that not everyone have a seat at the proverbial table and a vote to control where power is applied.

  2. Good content but uninspiring. What's more, not very well worded, organized, and illustrated. I couldn't feel clearly what the central theme is. Just a whole bunch of points loosely connected to each other, with uninteresting examples.

  3. Hey Julie. Your advice is of course well heeded and I certainly do not want to seem rude…BUT GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY>>>Your Delivery and MONOTONE way of speaking is like a NEVER ENDING HAND CLAP. Please forgive the "Respectful but blunt" Critique. Watch my Watkins Southern Originals and hear how I speak with ENTHUSIASIM and JOY and how I engage with my customers. Warm Regards…Nathan

  4. "The winners are the people who get to the other side first, and welcome everybody across." – Julie Meyer CEO, co-founder, managing partner Ariadne Capitol Entrepreneurs Fund

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