ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: TEDxMidAtlantic 2010 – Saras Sarasvathy – 11/5/10

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: TEDxMidAtlantic 2010 – Saras Sarasvathy – 11/5/10

Here’s Great Tip: TEDxMidAtlantic 2010 – Saras Sarasvathy – 11/5/10

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Associate Professor Saras D. Sarasvathy is a member of the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Ethics area and teaches courses in entrepreneurship and ethics in Darden’s MBA program. A leading scholar on the cognitive basis for high-performance entrepreneurship, her book Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise was nominated for the 2009 Terry Book Award.

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  1. I'm bit surprised that how people manipulate things to make the stories. Being from the country, I am surprised how the Parda system has been explained to make it a compelling story. I haven't heard anything as such even in extreme rural villages of the country. Probably, women are way more empowered than man in Bangladesh compare to India from where she is. However, Grameen bank and Microcredit is a controversial case. We all know how it is a social embarrassment for those who fail to pay back and often they do for a 18-20% interest attached to it. Yes great entrepreneurial idea, but misleading. So bigger question is ' should we consider such as success story of entrepreneurship which indeed hurted society more than it helped.

  2. Revolutionary, completely sensible ideas! Dr. Sarasvathy will, I believe, be cited and remembered for articulating and researching this important method. Co-creation is fast picking up speed, as I can see in the new, sustainable businesses opening up in my city via platforms like startsomegood and kickstarter. The names of citizens who want to see the business come into being and act as early seed funders have their names inscribed on plaques and even the tables of these establishments.

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