ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Lifestyle Youtuber and Entrepreneur | Merijn Schoeber | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Lifestyle Youtuber and Entrepreneur | Merijn Schoeber | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven

Here’s Great Tip: Lifestyle Youtuber and Entrepreneur | Merijn Schoeber | TEDxYouth@HNLBilthoven

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Merijn Schoeber talks about how you can create your own luck. He believes firmly that by controlling your health and body fitness you also gain mental strength and confidence. “My mission is to show people that controlling their health and fitness by following an enjoyable lifestyle will not just give them the body they’ve always wanted, it will enable them to be physically stronger, mentally stronger, more disciplined and confident. Fitness can truly change your life for the better. It changed my life.”
I’m Merijn and I believe every person on this earth can achieve the body of his or her dreams and I work hard to make this happen, by providing workable, proven by science and fully customized fitness programs. I am not just interested in helping you lose body fat or gain muscle. I want to inspire people to actually LIVE their dreams.
I wasn’t born a fitness enthusiast or a big sports player. Believe it or not, I was addicted to playing video games. I never cared about what I ate, and I was a big fan of chips, fast food and ice cream. I did not get fat though. I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain any weight. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Hey I am here to really get tips and advice to improve on my life as far as nutrition and fitness to become a better person and hope you guys can help along this journey thanks

  2. Thank you all for the awesome comments!! I personally wasn't really happy with my Tedx talk but I got loads of positive responses so I'm glad some of you enjoyed it and got inspired by it. I feel like I didn't get the point across as strong as I would have liked at all, and you can tell that I was very nervous. I know that I could have done much better and it's very different speaking in front of people than it is in a camera haha! I did not really prepare the talk because I feel like that's not my style. I'm very good at sharing my feelings and thoughts in the moments (which I do in my vlogs) but I'm not used to preparing my text etc. but I realized afterwards that I should have done that for the Tedx talk. Anyway, as I said in the talk, I'm not afraid of failures, when things don't go as well as I would like, or when I feel uncomfortable doing something and I see them as a good lesson to become better! I will take this towards my next talk to absolutely nail it 🙂
    THX for all the support <3

  3. Maybe you could have added some slides and video snippets (first website, first video back then and today's level), follower growth graph, revenue growth graph, etc. That would have made the talk much more interesting and entertaining – and your achievement more visible. Well done, though!

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