ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: It’s Not the End, It’s Just an Intermission | Cara Greene Epstein | TEDxWrigleyville

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: It’s Not the End, It’s Just an Intermission | Cara Greene Epstein | TEDxWrigleyville

Here’s Great Tip: It’s Not the End, It’s Just an Intermission | Cara Greene Epstein | TEDxWrigleyville

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TEDxWrigleyville 2020 Theme: “Humanity, a View From Inside the Pandemic,” filmed inside Wrigley Field (Chicago) amidst civil unrest and with full compliance of Covid-19 related quarantine restrictions.

Live theater has had an uncanny ability to speak to the heart of the moment, literally and figuratively, throughout human history. It has weathered wars, outlasted empires, and yes, survived plagues. In her talk, “It’s Not the End, It’s Just an Intermission,” Cara Greene Epstein explores how words from the stage can help carry us through this pandemic and beyond it. Cara Greene Epstein is not a doctor, but she has played one on TV. An award-winning actor, writer, and theatre arts educator, Cara uses heart and humor to explore challenging interpersonal dynamics and societal issues.

Cara holds an honors degree in Theatre Arts from Cornell University, an MFA in Acting from the Old Globe/University of San Diego, another MFA in Television and Screenwriting from Stephens College, and is a proud member of SAG/AFTRA. She’s worked with numerous theaters across the country including Steppenwolf Theatre Company, the American Theatre Wing, Lookingglass Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop, the Atlantic Theatre Company, Epic Theatre Ensemble and The Old Globe of San Diego.

Cara’s debut feature film “Dragonfly”, which she wrote and starred in, is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. You may also have seen her in “They’re Out of the Business”, “Chicago Med”, “As The World Turns”, or during a commercial break. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

27 Replies to “ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: It’s Not the End, It’s Just an Intermission | Cara Greene Epstein | TEDxWrigleyville”

  1. If humanity tried to avoid all germs like this before, humanity would be extinct. Through fire you become harder and stronger. Avoid struggle and you'll never win. You can't "pause" life. Sorry, not sorry I don't agree.

  2. I must agree you are a good speaker. Too bad it is wasted in an obvious justification for what I believe to be a fake pandemic being used for nefarious purposes…both greed and control.

  3. Shakespeare couldn't read so how did he write. More like music artist having ghost writers for their songs.
    Fear will make you sick.
    The upper echelons will put out something to wipe people out and no mask will work. They are separating the few that wont bend so they can get others to comply and still kill some of them. If we have 8 billion people and they want 500 million that's a big decrease people. We are at WAR with spirits.

  4. Covid-19 just as real as Santa….
    Next thing you know itll be illegal to drive and the car will do it all for you.
    This is about control. People have literally stop thinking for themselves and that plastic inside the mask will get you more sick. Look at the military tricare that so called accidentally said 600,000 people had covid-19. This is 1984 and they been at this since the days of Babylon.

  5. Look at me… Look at me….. I want attention. You have a platform to tell the truth and give solutions… Your basically saying let's keep destroying the country for the greater good. Pathetic

  6. Just not theatre, almost all activities have plummeted. Few industries are operational for lack of human resources as people have abandoned cities in India. Artists, employees and many unnamed persons are helpless, things aren't getting any better despite confident claims by governments. Hope we can tide over this pandemic with courage and confidence.

  7. Yeah, it's just an intermission…before the international oligarchy releases the next virus to continue the construction of the global, corporatist technocracy 😉

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