Business Tips: Your Happiness Versus The Things You Want

Business Tips: Your Happiness Versus The Things You Want

Awesome Tip: Your Happiness Versus The Things You Want


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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 5 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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47 Replies to “Business Tips: Your Happiness Versus The Things You Want”

  1. This is so tough to take. There are some people who make millions every year doing what they love, but for most of us, we can hustle and put in the 18 hour days, and if our business is basket weaving or carving things out of wood, no matter how happy it makes us, it's just not a market where we can have both wealth and happiness.

  2. Hey this is the @coffee.ppl guy again I'm not trying to waste your time I know your busy but when I say my product is eh, its not that I don't believe in it  was that its mainly coffee mugs right now which is a tough market but I'm pouring all my time into it so I know it will at least gain some audience, I also chose it for that challenge I thrive on challenge anywho hope you get a second to check it out

  3. Thanks Gary for doing what you do everyday. When you speak I hear me, but without the level of confidence you have of course. However after several hrs of video watching I am feeling more and more comfortable stepping into the real me and living my happiness. Cheers!

  4. This video is truth. I recently saw a documentary called "Happy" and it focused on the essence of what you were talking about. They called it "Flow". Its when you're doing that thing you enjoy, that thing that makes all sense of time and worries and problems sort of fade away. Thats "flow". Its when you're doing that thing you were created to do. We all experience flow differently. But those that experience flow more often, are happier, healthier and live longer. And by the way, its not about how hard or easy the work is, or how much money you earn. Most of the people in the documentary didn't make much at all and worked very hard. Yet, they were happy and because of that, they worked hard at it.

  5. I hear those numbers like 200 a year 140, 80 and here in Romania you can be really really happy with 20-25 it's just crazy to think only up, only about more and more, without being grateful for what you have, maybe is more important what you do not how much you earn.

  6. Truth! I quit tattooing to make art with coffee. I'm making far less money but I love it so much and it truly has better income potential in the future once more people see my work. I'm now working on a following and sales while continuing to add to my art inventory. I'm relaxed and excited about what is coming!

  7. So true. People think I'm crazy because I want to get out of the regular workforce. I think it's crazy to be unhappy making 40k a year not knowing if the company will be around till retirement. I rather be crazy and build up different cash revenue doing what I like/love rather than stay on the 40 hours a week for 40 years of my life bus and be unhappy!

  8. Gary…Being introduced to your stuff and taking advantage of your videos, I've imagined you speaking directly to me and made you my personal mentor. Over the last 8 months you've helped me completely transform my life and the way I look at everything and given me the courage to adjust and make the necessary changes to live a fulfilled life. DEEP LOVE BROTHER

  9. Gary, too often we get caught up with "wanting" that we end up in Golden Handcuffs. In Australia, mining is very big and when I was working in that arena, there were frequent suicides and depression was ultra common. Too many people "make it" then accumulate toys, they become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. And in so many cases, they feel forced to continue even though they're not happy. There's alot of pain when going back to their old life style because they haven't utilised that money well. Where I was, we worked 28 days away from home and then had 7 days off. Suicides before "fly out day" before work were reported all the time.

    If you're constantly looking forward to friday drinks or that next holiday booking, there's something wrong. As they say, create a life you don't need a vacation from! While many argue we can't choose, and while there might be some pain and discomfort in making changes, we most certainly can create the life we want!

    Great video dude 🙂

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