Business Tips: The Future of esports Is Already Written

Business Tips: The Future of esports Is Already Written

Awesome Tip: The Future of esports Is Already Written

Competitive gaming is a rapidly growing industry that is still incredibly underestimated by the majority of people. In this panel exhibition, Gary does a Q&A session where he shares his thoughts on the current state of esports, where it is heading in the coming years, how he thinks it will grow and evolve and more. Be sure to check the comments for the full list of timestamps and questions asked… Enjoy!

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the Chairman of VaynerX, a modern day communications parent company, as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations.
Gary is a venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times bestselling author, and an early investor in companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo and Uber. He is currently the subject of DailyVee, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO and public figure in today’s digital world. He is also the host of #AskGaryVee, a business and advice Q&A show online.

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46 Replies to “Business Tips: The Future of esports Is Already Written”

    1:30 – What game should my son play to be successful?
    2:30 – Accountability and parenting rant
    6:30 – Why I invested in Call of Duty instead of bigger esport games?
    8:00 – Sports and music are the most underpriced areas of attention
    9:30 – How important is it that influencers play video games
    13:20 – Balancing execution and strategy
    17:00 – esports and higher education
    18:30 – How will new iterations of games affect esports?
    20:30 – How do non-gamers get interested in esports?
    24:53 – Where are the opportunities for live events and esports
    28:15 – How to get media dollars into esports?
    30:50 – How to take macro trends to make micro-decisions
    35:10 – Best platforms to market esports on?
    38:40 – The most interesting person I ever met
    41:10 – Any products/companies that we should pay attention to
    44:00 – How you can bring “Gary energy” to my audience
    49:50 – Will there be multiple esport “leagues” competing with each other?

  2. Doing actual sports would be better you get better fit physically your mental health increases, with video games you achieve nothing unless you get famous as a streamer or professional.

  3. Influencers. mad men it’s simple science
    Influence others make money from doing it
    New meta esports gaming easy money for guys like this average person knows nothing about gaming or esports easy influence task it a goldmine

  4. Also, when it comes to non gamers watching e-sports, it wont happen now but maby to a extent in the future, even tho it is avaiable to them. The reason is, all your physical traditional sports are much easier to follow and everyone has tried those sports atleast once in their life, their simple and straight-forward. Computer games are not, they are much more complicated and some are 10 times more complicated compared to other games, if you havn't played that game, you're not watching it as a e-sport because you'll have no fucking clue on what is actually happening.

    If however, the future changes and children gets exposed to multiple e-sport titles to the degree where hundreads of millions have played these multiple e-sports, than it might happen, because atleast than a large population has been exposed to these games.

  5. Yeah the great pioneer of e-sport would not have been 38-45… I'm 32 and the first generations of e-sporters are around my age, there was barely any before my generation and even still, they were to early to really play e-sport due to limited options when it comes to playing e-sport during their time and age, nothing fucks up your possibilities to play e-sport more then age, if you're not already excellent at playing a specific e-sport game at the age of 30 and beyond, chances are you'll never be good at that game, not at the age of 30+.

    I'm a former e-sport player by the way.

  6. "Yeah betting will come" Bro we are over 6 years into an underage gambling addiction that we are not calling out in the mainstream. Our subreddits and forums are full of people who know and all streamers know. Who is keeping it quiet and is there physical abuse in the higher levels? Of course. Same horse, same game. Dollar backed by violence will always allow the black markets.

  7. Hes definitely approaching the cod vs league/apex/overwatch thing wrong. Cod has been trying to be a big and respected esport for decades, and core gamers never really had too much respect or care for it. Its core gamers and core gamer culture that are growing, games like league and dota and apex (probably not overwatch for other reasons) are here to stay, but cod will always be a small niche.

    Edit: mainstream red carpet stars are dying. Todays "celebrities" are viral and there on the internet. Oliver tree is a good example. Hes booming right now online, but people that get their music knowledge from tv and mainstream events/shows wont have any idea who he is. But on the internet he collabs with all the other viral big names. Hes huge.

  8. I will be a e-sports pro, (already content creator) growing social network influencer. Completely undervalued individual for now. At 31 years old, you can believe good health is at the forefront of this goal and since I have been scaling. I am getting healthier and so have people around me. You have been informed.

  9. Like he said PICKS AND SHOVELS
    So many of you kids didn't even listen to his talk. Just want to play video games just play. The point here is to monetize your passion if it is gaming. Reply to your parents "ok boomer" just because you want to play video games while not trying to monetize it, translates to "I'm an entitled little prick" and I just want to play and not do my HW or relieve temporary pleasure…

  10. I watched only to 4:27 so read my comment with a grain of salt, as I also got a bit salty, here is why:

    Oh, I didn't like the way they talk and think.
    "What to force my son to play so he makes money" ~"Parents are evil and old" ~"children should abuse tech"
    1. That's so capitalistic mindset "bla bla profits bla"
    2. Some parents can be hipocrits, or just be a bad parent but let's not demonize them as a group
    3. I bet someone kids will have motor disfunctions (besides all). Playing games and scrolling social media doesn't equal learning about technology.

  11. Do not text the number provided. It’s a scam. He isn’t necessarily the one talking to you. Your number is collected, as is your information you provide. It’s done through a separate company, and not Gary himself.

  12. your kid getting sciatica at age 17 is awesome. humans are mobile creatures. we arent meant to sit in one place for long amounts of time. this is why esports has so much trouble being recognized as a real sport rather than just competitive gaming. there arent many games that physically push human beings to their limits like physical sports do. actually i can only think of one and thats starcraft. we know there are scientific benefits to playing that game. but its so hard that most humans cant even execute the first few moves of a build order perfectly every time lol. i cant see any other game coming close to being considered a real sport tho

  13. Here is the "problem":
    E-sports are like sports today
    Maybe little bit more diluted considering number of games
    The problem arises from the number of success rate, to make a living out of it
    Maybe 1 per 1000 players of the game, no matter if football or fortnite will see big money
    Classic sports have an advantage of making some money, as a team on lower league, in e-sports is zero-sum game, that is either you make all the money or you don't
    Hard to make living out of it
    You can create small scope indie games, create art or music or youtube video, these will drop you a coin long before you strike that 1/1000 chance
    This is why banking on successful gamer career shouldn't be 100% all in banked on, especially if you are aging and not have talent for the game

  14. Dear GaryVee, I just put together my 9 year old son's first gaming computer. I'm likely the mid thirties coulda been gamer you were talking about, or at least one of the many that were told to pursue other things. I'm part terrified, part excited for an adventure with my little boy and pray I'm not making a huge mistake. I'm going to teach him to fight, to think, to move and to cooperate to win. Here's to the boy, cheers and thanks for this talk because it makes me feel like this isn't the worst decision I've ever made hahaha.

  15. I agree with many of his points. But at 15:04 he talks about parents from 48 to 70 are the cause he mentioned. But I think it's mostly the younger parents, the parents who had their kids at 16 and then became 25 and think they know so much since they are parents. I think most of us can agree that this era has seen most teenage parents.

  16. When I was 15, I was ranking top tier in World of Warcrafts Arena PvP. And my parents discouraged me from gaming as a waste of time. WoW Arena PvP may not be on the same level as DOTA 2, LOL, Fortnite, in terms of mass prizes. But that potential that I lost following my career over my dream… Encourage your children's passion.

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