Business Tips: Don’t Stay at the Job You Hate Just to Help Your Resume… Here’s Why | DailyVee 425

Business Tips: Don’t Stay at the Job You Hate Just to Help Your Resume… Here’s Why | DailyVee 425

Awesome Tip: Don’t Stay at the Job You Hate Just to Help Your Resume… Here’s Why | DailyVee 425

If you start working at a new company and hate it within the first two or three weeks, you shouldn’t feel obligated to stay for a year or two just because you are scared about how it will look on your resume/CV… I genuinely just don’t think that it matters.

Aside from that, one important thing that I think I should touch up on is the fact that content is the currency of the internet… You need to put out a vlog, you need a podcast, you need articles on Medium, you need memes and pictures on Instagram, etc… Content, content, content, and more content is always the answer.

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26 Replies to “Business Tips: Don’t Stay at the Job You Hate Just to Help Your Resume… Here’s Why | DailyVee 425”

  1. @GaryVee

    Its ok to say this Gary…but you've got to realise the real world implications of this advice. rarely will ANY employer care or understand what you are prescribing. I'm lost defeated and borderline suicidal. Why? because like many before me and after, i've worked for so many companies and for so many people that have destroyed my confidence and self esteem. 15 years later….I can't even hold down a relationship never mind a job. I'm a wreck and no amount of therapy or self reflection or action makes it go away. No amount of money or success makes this world any more bareable or a career any more meaningful.

  2. I quit my job a month ago because I knew I was getting sucked in and I didn’t like it. Felt like I was doing it for the money but now I’m jobless and still finding my way living at home still young. I’m 24 but I’m really trying not to fall into a depression over not having enough money but I really want to find my passion. Gary really inspires me everyday thank god for him!

  3. I hate my job so I just started a week ago I fucking hate is it I walk and talk it and I really hate my manager they treat you like a dip shit they are very rude and they have no respect at the south part is I just got fired at my other job because I want to take this job at target people need to stand up for yourself and do not take any shifts with the manager said if your manager is a better thing to you you have every right to stand up for yourself and that is what I’m going to do even if it cost me my other job and this job I’m going to stand up for myself because I am not going to be treated like shit I have a tree like shit everywhere I go fuck target

  4. Hi Gary, I like my job but recently my boss being cold to me for almost 2 months. Even I have tried to talk to her and she mentioned that she's just too busy and didn't mean it, but I sense the difference when she meet my other colleagues. From your point of view, is that how bosses react when they want their staff to leave? Her reaction bring negativity to me and impacted me not enjoying the work no more.

  5. Moved out my department two years ago. I had no idea it was a lateral one, until I went to HR. Recently most of us just received a measly 3% raise, after waiting for two years. I have two college degrees and what I do, only requires a high school degree. I found that out last year. It's time to move on. I have a bad habit of being loyal to people who don't deserve it. It's time to think about me and start working on my Master's degree. The only benefit my job has is that they have tuition reimbursement. Hopefully, I can complete it in two years. After that I'm leaving my job.

  6. Am 14 and is working over my high school break and I made mistakes on the job I’m word for my aunt and cuzin they got mad and told me not to do the job in front I get that but what broke me was the part where he was tell her that I did something and she said “he when be gone in two day and he said I thought he was going tonight at that time I was just clean the floor and they talked shit idk what I should do this is the only job I have and I don’t know if I should go back home I want to find a job but my dad is very Complicated should I stay and try to take them and keep workingor go and not take the money or go and take the money and ask my dad to bring me to find a job that’s different from this one

  7. Yes listen to gary and also don't spend your money on stupid shit when you get this good paying job . I was 21 be I never had a good paying job so I started spending it and stuff then I ended up in debt now I'm stuck in the job and now I'm 25 and it's a lot of intense physical labor . Like if you don't want to be a artist or something , it's better living in a shitty house doing what you love than live in a nice house with comfortable furnature with a nice car going to a job that you'd rather blow your Brains out

  8. This is all great but I have bills. I started my landscaping company in January, and it is now June, and I barely have any clients. I am forced to stay at my night job which I hate because if I don't pay my bills I lose everything, I don't have a fallback, my savings is all gone after this month. I'm doing everything I can to get clients amd it isn't working. I know, try a different approach, go outside your comfort zone, etc, bla bla bla. It's getting to the point where I'm realizing that all the motivational speeches sound great until you go and and try to apply it all, and it doesn't work. I don't have a pile of cash to quit my job and "chase my dream". The dream is crumbling, amd I'm completely broke and out of options. I know, "pull up my boots and get to work", well it isn't working. Sometimes I think all the motivational shit is just that, shit. At the end of the day, I need money, and I don't have it. Some of us need to build our resumes to get jobs to pay our bills because we have no choice. It's really easy to disagree when you live ontop of a money mountain.

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