Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 24: Live Audience Q&A

Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 24: Live Audience Q&A

Awesome Tip: Coffee & Commerce Episode 24: Live Audience Q&A

Super excited for you to join us on another episode of Coffee & Commerce! Zubin and Gary will be taking LIVE questions and answering them

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22 Replies to “Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 24: Live Audience Q&A”

  1. The same tedious questions from lost souls who are chasing the next "big thing". YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE MONEY ON DROPSHIPPING and the ones that are doing is purely because of the "AMAZON FBA" and "DROPSHIPPING Easy $1k" thumbnails and title courses they are enticing you to buy. Yaawning! Inequality is going to off the roof if the working class keep following these absurd notion that you don't need to go to university or get proper vocational qualifications. finished!!

    I was doing Amazon FBA 2007, yes 2007!, and guess what? Not that many people were keen on waiting for a plastic $1-5 products to arrive 28 days later. sigh so exhausting this is!

  2. It's amazing to see Gary being quite and listening. I haven't watched his videos for a few years now. And it was hard to watch him in the past because how disruptive and rude he was to his guests. This here is a new Gary. Well done Gary.

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  4. We are on this planet to actualize our joy. What brings us joy is different to every person. I see you actualizing your joy. That makes me feel energized. Thank you. It feels beautiful to receive. We are giving ourselves what we need through actively reaching out for people who provide us with that specific need. Delicious if person a needs what person b is and intrinsically gives and person b needs what person a is and intrinsically gives. We are both the giver and receiver. Juicy circle. Peace!

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