Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 1: The Launch | GaryVee, Ben, Robbie and Zubin

Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 1: The Launch | GaryVee, Ben, Robbie and Zubin

Awesome Tip: Coffee & Commerce Episode 1: The Launch | GaryVee, Ben, Robbie and Zubin

I am thrilled to announce today’s first episode of Coffee & Commerce, find out how VaynerCommerce came to be, the problems we are focused on solving and my perspective on how the eCommerce market is shifting.

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16 Replies to “Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 1: The Launch | GaryVee, Ben, Robbie and Zubin”

  1. I setup Genflow to build direct to consumer brands for influencers as the distribution (marketing) is guaranteed and the unit economics blow standard brands out the park. Around 0.20 CAC and the LTV is around x10 as followers come back and purchase. Sold $30M and growing.

  2. The best ecom QUESHTION FOR GARY. How do you bild a real competitive advantage online. Most these ecom gurus are afraid to say their business because they know they have no moat to their castle.

  3. Fully agree. The cost and flexibility around the cost of technical debt is an interesting debat in any agency as they've build infrastructure to 'trap' clients on the acquisition and build side instead of growing full funnel. Guess no one has the balls to go all-in as agencies focus is e-com infrastructure instead of flexibility commerce

  4. When you share so much content in these conversations, better if you can have the discussion with one person. It will allow him/her to share in depth knowledge/information/wisdom with viewers. Thank you

  5. What's up Gary, this is Sebastian from Germany. I've started selling on Amazon in 2019 and am building my own online store with wordpress now:

    I'm really just beginning and really pumped about a great ecommerce series to come.

    I believe there were a couple nuggets in this talk like:
    – don't copy "best practice", do run trial and error for yourself
    – create a story, basically a brand to differentiate from Amazon and also connect with your customers.

    1 point from my amateurish point of view according to what the platform is to start with, I believe is woocommerce with wordpress, because it doesn't cost a dime to start with, just the hosting. Also it connects the two points of content and commerce very well I believe, better than shopify or magenta. But I'm willing to learn. Anyway I heard, that platform is not the critical thing, it's about content and creating user experience.

    Let's see what's coming next. I'm excited and I love your stuff! Really great!

    Warm regards from Hamburg in Germany,

  6. shopify plus 2000 a month Woocommerce 500 dollar one time fee for all the options 🙂 the only reason you should use for a Saas platform is you want to set and forget and do not want to spend any extra costs.
    And i do not want to be rude but:
    i see the site: but that site needs also tons of optimizations. How can you sell a eCommerce service if a site of your own is not optimized?

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