Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 64: Yik Yak, DNA, & Dinner with Winston Churchill

Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 64: Yik Yak, DNA, & Dinner with Winston Churchill

Awesome Tip: #AskGaryVee Episode 64: Yik Yak, DNA, & Dinner with Winston Churchill

#QOTD: Which historic figure would you like to have dinner with? 😉

01:23 – In episode 63, you say you watch and can tell if people are hustling. How do you tell? Engagement, frequency, or gut?
07:00 – What are your thoughts on the marketing opportunities in the new app Yik Yak?
09:33 – We spend all of our time pouring our creativity into projects for our clients so that when it’s time to shift gears and focus on our brand, we’re fucking exhausted. How do you keep it burning for both?
11:55 – What have your children taught you about life and business?
14:14 – Who is the historical figure you would have lunch with if you could? And why?


How do you work 100% for clients and another 100% for your own brand? The answer is simple: you need to work harder. And faster. There’s really nothing else to it. I’m exhausted every day, but I’m making all sorts of things happen in my eighteen hours. Not only am I working eighteen hours, I’m working fast as hell in this eighteen hours. And, I’m prioritizing what’s important and what’s not.

We’re all different. We work in different ways. If you’re Type A, maybe you just need to schedule non-negotiable time for your personal brand if it’s that important to you. But really, there is no magic answer here. The answer is just more time, and faster within that time.

Now, the faster part might confuse some people. I always tell people to start working harder, stop watching Lost, but there’s another variable: be much faster in the hours you’er already in. There is not a second that’s down for me. Some people say they work ten minutes day, but then when I audit them, there’s fifteen minutes here and there where they watched a YouTube video. We fight for minutes on my team. Even seconds.

I used to think I was the biggest workaholic that lived. From twenty-two to thirty, I really thought I was all in. But I had enough time to bullshit about baseball with friends. I had time. Now, I’m dramatically faster. And I’m working more hours. That’s how it’s happening.

So that’s the answer. More hours. Faster. Better. Stronger.

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36 Replies to “Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 64: Yik Yak, DNA, & Dinner with Winston Churchill”

  1. Well, I'm in a 2017 world, so the most popular historic figure in the world is Alexander Hamilton – definition of hustle – that being said, I think I'd rather hang with Lin-Manuel Miranda instead.

    I had a fascination with Tolkien and CS Lewis as a kid though, story-tellers with intent. Maybe I'd gatecrash one of their dinners.

    (if you can pick none – I can pick more than 1)

  2. Man! I'm one that really doesn't like egotistical people but you sir are the anomaly to that feeling. Your ego is so genuinely humble in an "oxymoronic" type way. You're videos have done nothing but inspire to work harder for the dreams I have. Thanks you!!! Today I'd totally have dinner with you lol.

  3. Thanks for the business content and show format. Historical Figure: Henry Flager. Florida Railroad, Canal, Hotec and Land developer. Helped shape history of Florida's development. Interesting business relations and business tactics.

  4. G, what up boss! I have been listening to some of your old shows b/c there is gold in old…ALWAYS…and I have to say…I appreciate the mad honesty…most folks are just saying what they think people want to hear…so when I hear someone not being PC and knowing it could hurt their image…I have nothing but respect for the authenticity. Keep, keeping it real! D

  5. QOTD: I'd like to have dinner with Chris Hadfield. What? Didn't say they had to be dead. I think he has a lot more great stories to tell, and he was a great hustler as well.

  6. Hey Gary, Great show. When you talked about that you don't really care to have dinner with someone past or present famous, I can relate to that. I don't have anyone that comes to mind either. I liked the talk about how you want our execution to back up our talk and that you go in and check some people's accounts to verify that is pretty cool. I stopped this epiosde to write my first medium post. Thanks for the reminder

  7. QOTD: I would want to have dinner with the first person who slung snake oil because that job must have been the hardest hustle of all time. Real historic figure, Alexander Graham Bell.

  8. QOTD: andrew carnegie, probably. as far as tycoons and billionaires go, I respect him more than others because he was altruistic and honest. he also got to where he did because he built an all-star team of individuals with the know-how to get it done. certainly a lot of shysters in big industry, but carnegie was ethical and human in the way he went about business.

    also, maybe teddy roosevelt just because he was such an OG badass.

  9. Can't believe it's taken me so long to discover you.  I bought Crush It and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook today to read this weekend.  Love what you're doing.  Thank you!

  10. I´m going against the everybody´s else´s opinion, @***** . I hate your damn answer. That said, I know it´s authentically you. You´ll hear more from me when I move back home from Bolivia. Malcolm X is the answer to QOTD.

  11. Steve Irwin – the late Crocodile Hunter. Passion to the max, and one of the very few to turn down an invitation from the President of the United States to come to a dinner. Why? Because he didn't give a toss for fame or the famous.

  12. So great to hear you point out the importance of giving amazing content! One thing I think that people have, even myself, We feel that gurus like yourself are the only ones who can do what your doing. In the sense that we think that that information can only be given or provided by someone who has all the answers, when in reality, most gurus give information and feedback based on personal experienced, personal knowledge, and their views. Thanks for the Video!

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