Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 36: How To Create Real Estate Content

Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 36: How To Create Real Estate Content

Awesome Tip: #AskGaryVee Episode 36: How To Create Real Estate Content


#QOTD – Are you a chugger, or did you have a turning-point moment, and if so, what was it?

00:28- Would love to hear your opinion on whether a PR company or person should be overseeing #socialmedia for business.
02:14 – What was the moment you knew you would be “okay” when starting your business?
04:04 – Is there a way to drive traffic to a website when posting content directly to Facebook?
05:43 – You said it’s important to put out daily content. As a realtor what kind of daily video content would you produce?
07:48 – Most big success have a huge turning point where things really take off. What was that turning point for Winelibrary

The Medium article that crushed it on Facebook –
Mobile Agent TV –

If I were a realtor, the thing I would do more than anything else would be to review the establishments in my area. If I’m selling homes in Millburn, NJ, I’m putting out a daily piece of content featuring the the school, then I’m interviewing the individual teachers. I’m reviewing every single local shop: The wine store, the sandwich shop. I’m interviewing people who have lived in the neighborhood for 50 years. I’m putting out content to make you romantic about the area.

People pick where they want to buy a home for a lot of reasons. Some of them are practical: Public transportation, distance to schools. But how about making it a little warmer and interviewing Mrs. Robinson the 3rd grade teacher? I remember a realtor telling me that someone moved to Short Hills because of Wine Library (That was such a cool feeling, by the way).

So I’m doing daily content about the 20-mile radius around the area where you’re selling homes. I’m finding the stories tucked away around the neighborhood, and all the iconic things that make your area what it is. Those stories are what will create the emotion that could be the tipping point in selling someone their next home.

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33 Replies to “Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 36: How To Create Real Estate Content”

  1. I am a chugger. I just keep producing albums and music tracks, and I see that it slowly builds momentum. I did have a small turning point moment, when I realized that people were liking what I was doing, and buying my music. And that kept me inspired to keep chugging. "Work!" Just never stop. just keep DOING

  2. I think the turning point moment for me in this episode is that I need to stop looking for that moment that says "I made it" and just continue chugging, creating, documenting, building and enjoying the journey. Thank you brother. Probably the 10th time I watch this one. I'm up with my kid who can't sleep so I may as well do some exploring and some learning. Thanks again. George at 3 AM!

  3. I had a turning point, watched a webinar about mindset. Realized I was unhappy, faced myself in the mirror and moved 2,600 miles away.
    Currently brainwashing myself with Gary Vee, Russell Brunson, Tai Lopez, and David Mills. I'm gonna win, just gotta be patient.

  4. Hey Gary, love those two answers about chugging and making it! It's so true. The media love to tell stories about people who made it because they had some random piece of luck. It makes a better story. But really that random piece of luck was one tiny incident amongst many more important incidents which got them to the top. The fact is, we should be doing things that we enjoy so much, we'll be happy doing them even if we fail. only then is success inevitable. I guess. Shit man, only another 140 episodes to go! But you're telling me to stop watching and start doing………!

  5. One of the best eps so far but I think it's more into the fact I'm really digging deep into what you are sharing. Starting to chug chug chug and best insight from this ep is:
    "Worry about executing, worry about feeling good, about your life, don't worry about making it. Because making it is an outside force. The inside force of you just doing it is what you should be focused on."
    Trust your chug force!

  6. Both! I think there have been many opportunities that I ran through the door, what may have looked like a "turning point" , but after getting through the door there's plenty of chugging, hustling, grinding, etc to get the job done! love the content Gary!

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