Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 27: What's the Deal With Ello?

Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 27: What's the Deal With Ello?

Awesome Tip: #AskGaryVee Episode 27: What's the Deal With Ello?

#QOTD: Would you pay $10 a month for Ello?

00:37 – It seems like Instagram is great for jabs, not for right hooks. How and should I make right hooks on instagram or is it a bad idea all together?
02:52 – What are your thoughts on using kickstarted to start a business?
04:18 – Is there a thing as too much jabbing? or should you hold a little back to seem mysterious?
07:25 – Is there a strategy behind following thousands of people on twitter? I normally follow those who provide value to me.
09:37 – What are your thoughts on Ello?

Why My Advice Might Not Work For You –

Look the bottom line is that Ello raised venture capital. The investors are looking for a return on their investment, so they’re going to have to figure out a business model. So the question becomes, if they’re not going to sell your info to advertisers, are they going to charge a fee to use the service? Now look they may come up with something totally new and innovative, and God bless Ello if they do. I’m rooting for everybody all the time.

My big thing is that **people don’t care if you’re selling their data**. We actually want targeted ads. When I’m in the market for another pair of Nikes, I WANT to see ads for them. Now there are those of you who disagree, but the data shows it. We’ll take them when they go from ads to content.

So here’s the thing:

1. I think the way Ello is financially structured has vulnerabilities.
2. This has happened before with things like Diaspora. It didn’t work.
3. I’m not in love with the actual product, but I’m glad they’re moving and innovating.

I’m not Nostradamus. I like to make my call when I actually see something happening, and so I think it’s too early to say that, but my intuition says they’re going to eventually charge, which is going to turn a lot of users off.
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31 Replies to “Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 27: What's the Deal With Ello?”

  1. I like you too Gary. I would not pay $4 an episode. But would pay monthly if I got unlimited. But honestly would try and be cheap and pay every other month and "Gary load" on my on months. That's shooting straight

  2. Wouldn't pay 4USD per episode, cuz the advice might be good, but is often unrelated to me. However, sifting thru all of your content day after day, morning coffee after morning coffee, every now and then I get a great insight. So yeah, Jab Jab Jab Jab, and this is really great, cuz generally speaking I already or can't use most advice out there. I would however go for a subscription model fee.
    I would also buy your books, if I get enough time to read. Cuz I'm really busy. If possible I try to read french now, cuz I have a new business in that language going on now, but I would worry that I might lose too much authentic gary in translation so… However, If I ever grow my business to a level where I need advertising… I will take a plane and walk into Vaynermedia to check it out. You're on my list Gary!!
    To answer the question btw, it's you, I don't have time for more than you right now. but I do need to keep learning so thy! And alternatively if I'm done with you, feeling I've got most of your thing incorporated, I might try Grant Cardone, or Tai Lopez.

  3. Only just catching up on all of your shooooows and this is another great one. Depth/detail is awesome. I'd personally pay $4 an episode… easily worth 10 X in value and something actionable everyone could do for their businesses.

  4. Love coming back to this episode. You touched a few great points. People work with people and everyone loves attention. Your level of commitment and engagement with your audience is all about depth and value. I wouldn't pay from the beginning for AskGaryVee but I am buying all your books and attending the events as well as bringing other people.

  5. QOTD: I wouldn't pay per episode for anything, I usually only buy subscription-based content or would pay for the episodes that had the most questions or content relevant to my business and clients. I like consuming all of the #askgaryvee shows for free because I feel like I usually gain some good info and perspective from each question. But if I'm paying I would be more intentional about the content I chose to consume given the time and money resources I'm trading for the content 🙂 Thanks for the show! more detail = more value imo

  6. First time commenting (binge watching the show to catch up). Given the number of episodes out now, I'm not sure if you'll even see this, but… I actually prefer seeing well targeted ads over the current mainstream (old school) way. It makes more sense to see something that might interest me than "Why am I seeing this?".

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