Business Tips: #AskGaryVee 333 | Sports Cards Q&A

Business Tips: #AskGaryVee 333 | Sports Cards Q&A

Awesome Tip: #AskGaryVee 333 | Sports Cards Q&A

If you are deep in the sports card world or just starting to get interested and want to learn more, this is the perfect video for you. Gary did an epic 2.5 hour live session where he tooj in calls from fans whp had a range of questions about the growing market. From novice things like how to learn more to very advanced topics like the market predictions, this #AskGaryVee video is for the entire trading card community… Enjoy!

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48 Replies to “Business Tips: #AskGaryVee 333 | Sports Cards Q&A”

  1. I stated collecting vintage graded investment grade HOF'ers about 11 years ago. Since then, many of the tier 1 HOF'ers have gone up 3 times in value….even the lesser known HOF'ers doubled in value. I can't figure out with your previous card experiences why you didn't see the same thing happening over again…this time using modern day slabs. My stuff never goes down but, will always go up over time. This over priced, over hyped new stuff will definitely take a dive, some will survive….90% will drown in a sea of debt and foolishness. There's no fool like an old fool….the young ones have an excuse, they were just young fools being led into the slaughter house by an old fool who never learned his lesson.

  2. Extremely true about pokemon cards Gary. In 2013 I bought a sealed booster box for under $300, today that box is going for over $4k. That's just a microcosm of the hobby, which is niche. If you do your homework you'd make a killing. Especially with any 1st edition wizards of the coast era cards…

  3. I started investing in PSA 10 baseball cards January 2020
    Bought 13 PSA 10’s of top 2017-2019 Rookies & Prospects.

    Invested: $543 total
    Today’s value (3 months later): $953

    That’s a 75.5% increased value in first 3 months.

    Players I’ve invested in:

    Juan Soto Rookie PSA 10
    Ronald Acuna Jr Rookie PSA 10
    Vlad Jr Chrome Draft card PSA 10
    Aaron Judge Rookie PSA 10
    Fernando Tatis Jr Rookie PSA 10
    Fernando Tatis Jr Prospect PSA 10
    Michale Kopech Rookie Auto Ref. #d/499 PSA 10
    Pete Alonzo Rookie paper PSA 10
    Pete Alonzo Rookie Chrome PSA 10
    Shohei Ohtani Rookie PSA 10

  4. great video, lots & lots of great value, sad to hear you still buy krappernick, he has lost his touch, if you watched his much hyped practice, he was not that good, he was show-boating, not passing well, he lost his touch, he is not a NFL worthy QB anymore! just my observation

  5. im minor league NOW but i moved a dent in the market on my own busting my ass out here and im doing it with my and for my family i got my mom asking what she needs to do to get in on this i went and got her to open the kobe mail pkg we went half on a KOBE Bryant rookie refractor its sickkkkk dude and luka silver and trae and ZION also which is a popular thing more than performance thing!! ZION is4ever cemented as a staple in cards !! his rookies are a phenomenon in its self !!

  6. i got back in after life took over in the 90s i got out ..
    i hated working for others FROM day 1 and never did after 18
    since early December 2019 i started buying cards again so I'm locked and loaded and i have a sick collection for a guy overcoming homelessness prison and a way deeper than that life that was a book in itself . which i started writing past couple months and working on and i have invested EVERY EXTRA PENNY !!!

  7. @Garyvee do you think in football it's only smart to invest in qbs and all the star positions? Or is it anyone who you think is gonna be a stud. It seems like qb cards are the big ticket items and everyone else is on the same level with some star rbs and wr in that upper slot too.

  8. Gary! once we do the whole research and buying cards… how do we go about placing a price on a card for after sold price of $57 ? or any price or card.. how do we know what value to give a price to then hopeful higher biding

  9. What about the first basketball set ever produced? 48 Bowman. George Mikan changed the game. They had to change the rules because of his dominance. I agree on 61 Fleer, I would even add 57 Topps as well.

  10. De'Aaron Fox will never amount to much at all he's in a second level player, if he goes to another team he will be the second best player on a good team, hope you admit you are wrong about him

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