ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Energy and Entrepreneurship: Gill Holland at TEDxUofL 2012

ENTREPRENEUR BIZ TIPS: Energy and Entrepreneurship: Gill Holland at TEDxUofL 2012

Here’s Great Tip: Energy and Entrepreneurship: Gill Holland at TEDxUofL 2012

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An entrepreneur and independent film producer, Gill Holland and his wife Augusta have been instrumental in turning a formerly economically depressed and run-down east downtown Louisville area into a thriving arts/design and sustainable district, now known as “NuLu” – Louisville’s East Market District.

Holland coined the term NuLu and was crucial in land-marking and saving from destruction a block of 100-150 year old buildings in the area. Two years ago, Holland opened NuLu’s flagship arts center “The Green Building”, a renovated 120 year old building which is now certified LEED “Platinum” and the greenest commercial building in Kentucky. Using sustainability and public art initiatives, NuLu is now a burgeoning arts, design, start-up nexus and general center for all things green. The Louisville Magazine’s 2009 Person of the Year, Gill Holland was recently voted President of the East Market District Association.

A Spirit Award nominee for producer of the year (the Oscars for independent films), Gill has worked on some notable environmental documentaries, including MOUNTAIN TOP REMOVAL which won Al Gore’s 2007 Reel Current Award for best documentary; the Sundance Film Festival faves FLOW: FOR LOVE OF WATER, ADVENTURES OF POWER, SPRING FORWARD, LOGGERHEADS, Sundance triple winner HURRICANE STREETS, the FOX sit-com GREG THE BUNNY, the Spirit Award winner and first carbon-neutral independent film SWEETLAND.

Gill has produced over 70 films and also runs sonaBLAST! Records (featuring CDs made with recycled plastic and cardboard cases), Holland Brown Books which does fundraising childrens’ arts books. He is involved on many cultural boards (incl. Fund for the Arts, Speed Art Museum, Actors Theatre, Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Ky Film Commission).

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